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The Law of Attraction – Manifestation.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The law of attraction manifesting is a picture of a woman with a projector.

The Law of Attraction – manifestation or materialization of thoughts.

What if you would combine the strength of your thoughts and feelings? It would turn out that you created your whole life completely by yourself. It would turn out that your life is really in your hands, or rather in your mind… You would notice that everything that is happening in your life right now can be directly attributed to thoughts, feelings, or beliefs that you have practiced (consciously or unconsciously) in the past. Your whole life would turn out to be one great manifestation. Your mind can make anything it focuses on real. It materializes your thoughts in reality. This process is called manifestation. Manifestation is possible through the Law of Attraction.

In this article you will learn:

  • What the Law of Attraction (manifesting or materializing thoughts) is.
  • What the rules for manifesting are.

Manifesting means creating something using your own thoughts and beliefs. This is the process that occurs when energy is converted into matter. This means that every object, every person that exists in your reality has been manifested in form. Manifestation is a tremendous power of your mind that you are probably not fully aware of. Your mind does it nonstop whether you are aware of it or not.

How many thoughts do you have a day? Are you able to count them?

Meanwhile, whatever you consider in your mind appears in your life because you attract it. Your thoughts become reality because all your actions begin as a thought, idea, or desire. Every sentence you say, every thought, and every action is manifested in your life. Depending on their nature, they sometimes benefit you and sometimes harm you. Your every thought is a force and something real. If you think you don’t have money, you don’t have money. If you keep repeating and think you are rich, you will be rich. And if you think life is a burden and a constant struggle. This is what it will be for you. Most often, however, you do not think about what you are thinking about and what world you are shaping for yourself.

Manifestation is possible because of The Law of Attraction, the most powerful law in the universe.

It says that like attracts like. So, when you think about something, you are also attracting similar thoughts to you. You become what you think about most, but you also attract it. This is how you manifest, that is, you make everything you want to feel and experience through your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions. Your present life is a reflection of your past thoughts. If you see something in your mind, you will soon have it in your hand. This is because every thought or feeling you think is an energy of a certain frequency. Similar energy attracts like.

The secret is to use this opportunity consciously. If you can think about what you want and make it your dominant thought, you will make it come into your life. Everything sent returns to the source. And the source is you. This is how you create your own reality and bring to life everything that the world can offer you. But before that, you need to know what you really want out of life. This is where meditation comes to your aid as it allows you to refine your mind. Thanks to it, you can focus your thoughts and catch your real thoughts. Separate them from those imposed on you by others, either the environment you live in, or the intrinsic motivations of your mammalian brain.

Most people think about what they don’t want and then wonder why the unwanted keeps coming up.

Listen to yourself, take a look at your thoughts. A positive thought is one hundred times more powerful than a negative thought. The law of attraction does not distinguish between whether you perceive something as good or bad, or whether you want something or not. It just responds to your thoughts. If you are complaining, the law of attraction will bring you more situations to complain about. If you listen to someone else do it, focus on it, sympathize with them, and agree with them, you attract more situations that give you cause to complain. You attract dominant thoughts, whether they are conscious thoughts or not. Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that run in your head. You not only create your life with your thoughts but also contribute to the creation of the world.

Your thoughts are the cause of what happens to you, including your feelings.

Feelings and emotions allow us to understand what we are thinking about. So, you need to become aware of how you are feeling and tune in with your feelings because that’s the fastest way to find out what you are thinking. You can’t feel bad and have good thoughts at the same time. If you feel good, you create a future in line with your desires. When you feel bad, you create a future that is not what you want.

So, you can deliberately use your feelings to transmit even more powerful frequencies, strengthening your desires with them. You have the power to change everything because you choose your thoughts and you decide your own feelings. Therefore, it is important to understand your feelings and observe them. If you feel unwell, changing your focus will allow you to shift to a different frequency, so make a list of things that will allow you to instantly change your feelings. These can be, for example, beautiful memories, dreams, funny stories, a person you love, your favorite movie. When you feel worse, angry, or frustrated use this list to change your attitude.

The combination of thought and love create an unstoppable force of attraction. The feeling of unconditional love is the highest frequency you can emit. If you think unflatteringly about someone, you experience these unflattering thoughts and hurt yourself with your thoughts. So, if you start to think of loving thoughts, you will experience love. Love gives vitality to thought. The feeling is desire and desire is love. As you begin to understand and control your thoughts, you will see yourself create reality. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Nothing will come into existence as an experience until you bring it up through your dominant thoughts.

Rules of manifestation:

1. Create your order.

You need to know what you want, but really, deep in your heart. You have to establish your intention or desire. So, you must begin a conscious mental process of actively attending to your desire which will transform into a potential intention. You need to know what you want to experience or witness in your life. Be clear about your goal.

All kinds of tools such as a mind map, diary, journal, notebook, or “box of the future” are very helpful here. They will allow you to clearly define the things you want to manifest in your life.

Then send the Universe an order.

2. Place your order.

Command the Universe to know what you want, and it will respond to your thoughts. So, send your thought on purpose or say it out loud to the Universe in the form that you feel like doing. Do it as clearly and accurately as possible. You only need to do it once, you don’t have to repeat your request.

Important: Do not deny what you have asked with your thoughts, words, or actions.

3. Confirm and pay: believe and feel!

Believe that what you asked for is already yours. You can’t be in doubt. Believe you’ve already received it, then go on with your life. Don’t think about the lack. Feel the owner. Believe and feel that what you want is already yours. Fantasize. Visualize. Affirm. Act like you already have it. Then the Universe will begin to adapt to get you what you want. Do not think twice about how he will do it, or you will begin to emit energy that will show your lack of faith. You will doubt. Don’t be impatient. Everything will happen in due course. Of course, in the right one from the point of view of the Universe, not yours.

4. Receive your order – act!

Tune in to the frequency of receiving. Feel it. Focus on the result you want. And you will get it. Act to receive. Do not ignore the signs, opportunities, motivations, circumstances that the Universe sends you. Take action. Without effort with feeling, when there is an impulse or when your intuition tells you to. Trust your instincts, that’s a prompt from the Universe.

When, for example, you want to manifest your dream home you think about how you can afford it, how it will look like, etc. And suddenly, wherever you look, you hear about the house exactly as you dreamed of it. It will turn out, for example, that your friend will want to sell a house, or maybe you will find an interesting promotion on the Internet, or maybe you will see a competition in which the main prize will be such a house. The world will help you to make your desire come true, but you must make use of these options yourself. You have to see them and use them. Keep your senses wide open. Usually, the Universe is subtle in its messages, you have to tune in with it. To cooperate with him. It will not force you gifts that you do not want to take away.

This way you will attract whatever you want.

Trust and believe the universe. Don’t think about when it will happen and how long it will take. Time is an illusion so everything you want in the future already exists. The size of your desire is also irrelevant to the universe. Size and time are just your beliefs. Rushing means that your thoughts and actions come from fear (of being late), which means that you set up unfavorable events and situations in advance. It will make you attract bad things to you, one by one.

When you order something in an online store, you do not worry about how it will reach you. You don’t care who gets it to you, how, you just hope it gets to you. You click to confirm the order and you wait. In other words, you trust the process. So stop doubting the results of your manifestations. Trust this process fully.

Begin to pre-define every event in your life through your thoughts.

Think ahead of how things will turn out for you. Then you will start creating your life consciously. Make a list of the things you are grateful for so you can channel your energy and thoughts in the right direction. Gratitude breeds positive feelings. You will make everything you think about and thank you for. It is impossible to attract more into your life if you don’t feel grateful for what you already have. This is because by harboring ingratitude you emit negative emotions, jealousy, resentment, dissatisfaction, etc. Negative emotions block everything that could come to you and make you get more of what you don’t want.


Visualization is a strongly focused thought in pictures and causes equally strong feelings. This generates thoughts and feelings of having the thing being visualized right now. As you visualize, you emit tremendous energy into the Universe that intercepts the law of attraction and sends it back to you in the same way you saw it in your mind. Visualization causes materialization. Your mind cannot tell if what you are doing is your reality or your fantasy. When visualizing, it is important to focus on the final result. The key is to think and feel abundance, love, and joy at the same time. Only then does the law of attraction work. See with your mind and feel with your state of being things that have already happened. However, don’t take the visualization as an obligation, the point is that you should feel good about it, but do it every day.

Each negative thought, feeling, or emotion blocks your good and prevents it from reaching you, so be and feel happy now!

You deserve every good thing you want, you just have to bring it into your life. To enjoy material things, you must first seek inner joy, peace and vision. The outer world is the result of your inner world. You are the creator of your Universe and every wish you want to make will be revealed in your life. You attract what you think about, so Only you are responsible for your joy and happiness. Your joy is in you and depends on you, no one else.

Stress begins with one negative thought that got out of your control and attracted more and more negative thoughts.

You become what you think. Everything in the world started with one thought. Great things got even bigger because people gave them their thoughts as they arose. The more you talk about what you don’t want. Or about how bad it is, the more you read about it and declare it to be bad, the more you create it bad. When you focus on negative events, you not only exacerbate them but also make more of them appear. Concentrate on making everyone feel happy. You cannot help the world by focusing on negative things. When you focus on them, you strengthen them with your own energy and bring more negative things to life. Instead of focusing on the problems of the world, give your attention and energy to trust, love, abundance, and peace.

You are the Queen of your life, and the Universe responds to your every wish.

Don’t let thoughts, images, and feelings that you don’t want to come to your head. Take responsibility for them and get rid of them. Then consciously indulge in new thoughts about what you want, feel them, and be grateful that they came true. Your mind is the creative force of all things. Your ability to think is limitless, so anything that you can recall from your thoughts is also limitless. But you cannot create other people’s lives, you cannot think for them or impose your opinions on them. Let them create their own life the way they want it. Your present reality and life are the result of your thoughts. Everything you experience is filtered through your mindset. Your dominant beliefs determine how you see your experience. So when you start to change your feelings and thoughts, you change your entire reality. Expect things you want, not those you don’t want. Who you are is the result of it. What are you thinking and thinking about.


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