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Sudoku and divine puzzle.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Sudoku and divine puzzles are the color of the structure on the grid

According to Heim, the space of the entire universe has a structural potential, which means that its features appear as geometric structures. In other words, the space of the universe is a 12-dimensional spatial jigsaw puzzle of various sizes representing a void.

In this article you will learn:

  • What the fractal and density of the universe are.
  • About the algorithms that govern the universe.
  • And also, the features of space-time.

The interaction of electromagnetic waves and sound waves creates these puzzles. Crossing at an angle of 90 degrees, they create a kind of wave net. This grid is an information field resulting from the polarization of electric charges and the polarity of magnetism. This information is encoded through mathematical algorithms – a kind of divine sudoku that is the basis of Marco Rodin’s vortex mathematics. This grid is represented by the symbol of the Flower of Life known from Sacred Geometry. These puzzles are geometric figures, composed of solids called Platonic solids, obtained because of the geometric analysis of the Flower of Life.

Each grid puzzle is the same as the rest of the universe, it is a hologram of it.

This hologram is the result of geometric progression. It’s a jigsaw puzzle of endlessly complex, self-similar objects made up of identical structures. Structures are shapes made of waves that match each other according to potentials (+/- electric charge). They are the natural algorithms of the universe.

These elements build up larger and larger systems in layers. Each subsequent layer somehow reflects the foundation. Layering provides variety. We call such a system a fractal system. These puzzles/shapes or figures at the highest level are interacting toruses. Our entire universe is a torus, but so is every elementary part of it. As you move to higher layers, the algorithms get more complicated. Therefore, they are different for elementary particles and different for consciousness.

We call such a structure consisting of the same elements at different levels of assembly a fractal.

Our entire spacetime is therefore constructed fractally. And each fractal is made up of sub-fractals. They are elements that are also fractals containing fractals. After reaching the appropriate number, the fractals of a given fractal constitute a closed, cyclic structure. Each subsequent layer of the fractal is based on the same information but enriched. This is the process of evolution. No matter what part of the universe you choose, microcosm, macrocosm, molecule, or human, in each element you will find the same principles of structure and functioning, i.e. algorithms.

To create a fractal, its elements must fit together – like a puzzle. They must be precisely matched to each other so that they can combine, complement, and be compatible, to create one coherent whole. Just as geometric solids adjust to each other, contain or interlock, all the Earth, galaxy, human beings, or events created from them relate to each other. Forming one balanced dynamic layout.

This process can be perfectly observed in the process of creating a neural network in the brain. Connections between nerve cells are made through synapses. Synapses are formed because of matching the geometric shapes of dendrites with the axon ends of other nerve cells. This is how they create an electromagnetic net.

Fractals are toruses – interconnected electromagnetic vortices that can be represented mathematically, as proved by Marko Rodin.

They arise because of the interaction of the electromagnetic field animated by sound. Their interactions depend on the polarities and magnetic poles. Thus, creating a natural wave net. And wherever these waves intersect, a new kind of consciousness arises. From elementary particles to increasingly complex creatures.

These interactions are natural information systems – algorithms that perform various functions: building, inhibiting, merging, separating, binding, initiating, finalizing, etc.

These algorithms can be:

  • simple, which means that they perform several operations at the fractal level,
  • complex – perform any number of operations,
  • multiple times – which means that they verify their own result more than once,
  • multivariate – work out many factors leading to a single result,
  • multivariable – from many or one factor they can generate one or more responses, spatial and non-spatial.

Simple wave algorithms create particles.

Molecules fit each other according to shapes, creating more and more complex structures, these structures in turn merge into more and more complex systems creating consciousness, thus returning to the source of all creation. There is an endless possibility of creating shapes from waves and their combinations with one another.

An algorithm composed of many simple algorithms generates new content by creating a second-generation algorithm. And the algorithm composed of the second-generation algorithms creates the third-generation algorithm. This algorithm increases the fractal level, and the third-generation algorithm becomes the starting point, i.e. the first generation algorithm on a new level. When the third-generation algorithm is created, there is a quantum jump between the algorithm and the net of consciousness in the form of a quantum bridge connecting the structure with the diamond net of consciousness. This means that when life reaches the point of understanding the process, it can transcend itself. However, it must first learn the geometry of a given process to be able to reproduce it on larger patterns. This diamond awareness net is the basic wave net (see the Marko Rodin‘s coil).

Sudoku and divine puzzle.

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Sudoku and divine puzzle.

The consciousness of the being depends on the quantum bridge, or rather its extent.

It enables the flow of information from one structure to the next one, maintaining the continuity of information despite the disintegration of the previous structure. Therefore, consciousness depends on the conditions of the physics of space, but the creature can influence the creation of a quantum bridge by gathering information and rebuilding it in such a way as to allow for exceeding the critical value of space and triggering the mechanism of creating a quantum bridge.

The universe expands fractally in all its parts.

Two adjacent layers confirm their information, and the next one is the inverse of the first. As the information stream passes through the layers of the grids, it reverses the sequences of their information by twisting along the way. After two twists, i.e. after passing through two layers, it changes direction so that the third layer of the net is turned upside down in relation to the first. There are different algorithms on each layer of the net. The layered arrangement applies to every, even the smallest, level. The higher the level of awareness, the higher the quality of the algorithms. Antisymmetry guarantees the smooth flow of information, and the net carries the conditions for combining algorithms. Algorithms create programs, i.e. algorithms with additional information and information strings. The programs manage complex space processes.

May be:

  • merged,
  • multiple,
  • separable,
  • multi-location,
  • basic,
  • evolutionary,
  • copied.

What creates everything is space.

It has its own distinctive features. It is uniform, but its tension causes various types of bends or kinks. The space is also perfectly unbalanced and fully continuous. This asymmetry guarantees the uniqueness of information and is related to the Pauli principle and the mirroring of symmetrical projections of three spheres (three groups of numbers). It explains the direction always from the relative past to the relative future. The uniqueness of the information guarantees perfection and the absence of errors. In this space, points of intensity other than the background draw patterns that are information. Like a spinning gramophone record with spirally arranged grooves creating information that can be read with a needle and listening to music. This information is about structure and time.

There are several alternative realities – cosmos on each density:

  • first – 7
  • on the second – 21
  • third – 35
  • on the fourth – 35
  • five o’clock – 21
  • six o’clock – 7
  • seven o’clock -1

This space divides into existential and non-existential. The first is the environment of the material world, and the second is the space devoid of structures – the cause and the creative process of everything that exists.

Space manages structures through the principle of self-attraction, i.e. the pattern of the mutual attraction of elements, and also defines the limits of expansion. Information is evenly distributed over it, but not symmetrically or uniformly. There may be various types of densities of information in it, which are created by beings, planets, or stars.

Between points of different potential space collapses and ceates a voltage jump in the form of a wave.

The set of all waves creates different kinds of densities. Densities are the spaces between the nets, limited by the number of nets that make up the walls of the dimensions. Nets, because there is not only one net on which a torus is built, because as we know it is a fractal system, therefore it is made of smaller toruses interacting with each other. Their net overlap creates successive layers. The nets give form to the space.

There may be 7 of these densities. They are not equal to the number of nets; they are composed of various numbers of nets in combinations with one another. The type of density depends on how much the net is spread. The first on one net, the second on two, the third on three, etc. The densities are the result of the mutual combinations of the nets. Each combination is a different kind of reality with different physics or spatial dimensions. These realities are partially or separate from each other. If they are based on different nets, they are closed, and if they have a common one, they are mutually open. Each density has a different number of spatial dimensions. Seven of them build the contents of the Universe, and the eighth is marked with a sequence of events. The densities are separated from each other by an empty space resulting from the magnetic interaction.

All seven grids are in each density. However, at a certain density, there is only a relationship between certain nets. Other grids, although they are inside the space system, do not participate in the matter structure of this area.

From the waves a diamond net of consciousness (i.e. Marko Rodin’s diamonds) is formed, this is the first density. Everything material arises from first density. Waves based on the algorithms of the diamond net of consciousness organize themselves into particles, i.e. visible matter. Particles are formed in the infinitely small eyes of the grids and on them subsequent structures. The sixth and seventh densities are densified net, there are no particles or structural net here. 7th density, that is, the skin of the torus is time.

Collecting the free wave fragments into diamond grids of consciousness, i.e. the transition from a chaotic mass of space into an organized whole, is the main goal of the Universe.

Convert chaos into consciousness. Consciousness comes out of the point of awareness as the first density and comes back to form a sphere – the torus as the seventh. And the whole path of transformation is turning chaos into consciousness. Algorithms keep connecting and disconnecting until they find the optimal system. Moving from one algorithm to another is time. These processes cause space vibrations and pressure changes. By feeding the space with its own movement, which is the condition for the operation of space.

The universe is constantly evolving. More and more complex ones arise from simple forms. It takes place in the process of dying. The old form is removed, and in its place a new one is created, using the achievements of the previous one. The goal of evolution is to produce more and more aware beings who are approaching perfection, which is God.


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Sudoku and divine puzzle.

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