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The Universe awakening and the great reset.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The Universe awakening and the great reset it is a picture of eyes.

The Universe awakening and the great reset. The Universe awakening and the great reset.

Myths, legends, fairy tales, and dreams also have a much more important function than making us aware of the archetypes that exist in the collective unconscious. They also show us that each of us can be a potential hero. Both the hero of the story of our life and the hero of the entire collective collection of stories.

In this article you can read about:

  • How you can live your life (victim and hero).
  • What awakening is.
  • How you can reset the world.

At the moment of your birth, like a character from a fairy tale or legend, you set off on a journey. You encounter suffering, loneliness, blows as well as joy and love on your way. You can treat each experience that you face on your way as a lesson that allows you to evolve and develop, or as a failure in life. It is up to you what you choose. Will you be the hero of your story or its victim? You can find the meaning of life and learn wisdom, and you can experience stagnation, defeat, punishment, and injustice. How you live your life depends only on you and your decisions and choices.

Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to.

At times, you may even experience cruelty, aggression, or sexual abuse and see yourself as the main character in a terrible drama or nightmare. However, this does not mean that it is so. In your own inner world, you can still be a hero. It is only up to you how you use this experience and how you react to it.

During your journey, you often find yourself at a crossroads and wonder about the choice of direction. You face a situation where you start to wonder if you should stick to your own rules or follow others? To be honest or to cheat? Choose studies or a job? Have a child or terminate the pregnancy? Get married or become single? What to choose, which path, and at what cost? Take responsibility for your own decisions, or maybe leave your fate in the hands of other people? To be the victim or the heroine of your story?

The victim is passive and tormented instead of independently deciding about her life.

The victim is subject to someone else’s decisions and suggestions. She places her fate in the hands of other people or circumstances. She will never admit to herself that she never takes her own position but is willing to accuse others or circumstances. The victim is never able to make a decision, she is not aware of her feelings, she cannot make a decision, she is unable to give up anything. Nobody takes her opinion into consideration and everyone ignores her. She doesn’t investigate who she is. The victim identifies with the products of her mind. She matches them to safely navigate the world. She does not recognize its false identities, lies, made-up fictions. The victim sees themself through the prism of the masks she puts on and the roles she plays and perceives life as eternal suffering. She complains and follows it without questioning anything.

She has no contact with her inner world, cannot read the signals in her body, and ignores her intuition. The victim entrusts her entire fate to the mysterious “they”. There is always someone else to blame for her failures, someone to spite her and throw logs at her feet. She doesn’t realize that she is actually shaping her world by complaining and accusing others. By thinking this way, speaking and acting, and allowing her shadow to secretly take control of her life, she manifests what she is complaining about. She creates her story of a character doomed to defeat, failure and suffering.

The heroine actively and consciously shapes herself.

She follows her own path and learns to be true to her values in all circumstances. When faced with difficulties, she can make decisions that come straight from her heart. Gradually, layer by layer, she discards the illusions of who she is according to the world and her own beliefs. She recognizes what is imposed on her from the outside, and what comes directly from the essence of who she is. The heroine tries to reach her own inner pearl in order to become the main character of her life.

The heroine chooses her own path with her heart to gain clarity of gaze and not succumb to external pressure. She knows that the subconscious mind always shows the right path. She is not afraid to face the darkest truth about herself. When she goes through an internal crisis, she doesn’t work out of fear. She is aware of her problem and waits, meditates, or prays for clarity of mind. She believes because she knows that herr subconscious mind always suggests a solution.

As you travel, you must be aware that the story you are consciously writing is not necessarily the story that is actually unfolding in you because you are unaware of it.

The trick is to discover this story. If you do not discover and confront your personal myth, the one you really live with, with your shadow its patterns will be reproduced in your life no matter what choices you make. You have to make it aware. You have to discover it and work with it.

Discovering a narrative about yourself that you have tacitly or unconsciously or have lived for years means understanding how you find yourself in a certain situation. How you are woven into the collective fabric of image and meaning. It means answering the basic questions: why are you here? Why does it matter? Where did you come from? Where are you going to? How will you get there?

Most of us have an idea for ourselves based on a story that we remember but that doesn’t really exist in our present life. So, we waste all energy trying to preserve our history and identity. Only when you discover the truth about yourself will you be able to wake up to the reality in which you live. When you heal yourself, you will connect and become what you are meant to be and who you have always been.

Only then you will then discover that the life you experience is a type of dream.

A dream that the Universe is dreaming, and you are only a character in that dream. You are an actor. You dream yourself every night because you are a miniature version of the Universe, so you do what it does but on a much smaller scale. The mechanism of sleep is the same whether you are dreaming yourself or the Universe is dreaming.

You are the protagonist of a dream, and you do not see it from the outside as you think it is when you perceive it from the perspective of your ego. You are in this illusion as part of this illusion, which is why it seems so real and tangible to you. Therefore, you get lost in an endless rush, accumulate wealth, status, or fame. Your consciousness identifies with some player in the Universe’s dream as if you had become one. You experience the same thing every night in your sleep. Every night you are someone else, a different hero.

Most people do not question their existence in this reality. All the life they identify with their role in the dream of the Universe. Since you can wake up in your own dream (lucid dream) then you can also wake up to the reality you are in. This process is called awakening. It can be done by being present or through many other methods that you can read about on the blog. When you reach a tipping point in your life, you may just wake up, lose your mind, or commit suicide.

When you are unconscious you may not feel like living because you are relying only on your conditioned mind. But when you wake up, you become one with the living Universe that you can consciously create. It is better to wake up and feel free than to fully identify with your role as you go through life with the burden, without realizing that this is just a game in the Universe.

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Awakening is the realization that you are playing a role in the dream of the Universe.

Seeing life, not in concept, but as it really is. Not filtering your experiences through a screen of preconceived notions but looking directly at the nature of this reality. When you see true reality at least once, you are awake. You have a clear reality. Without veils, in the form of beliefs, you no longer identify with the unconscious thoughts that distort your reality.

When you realize the true nature of reality, life will become more enjoyable and even fun. Its weight, fears, and worries will disappear. You will become a concentrated, sensible, and alert person. You will recognize that you are God yourself manifest in form. Then you will see that the Universe and you are really one. You will recognize that all the other characters in this dream are aspects of you, that we are one, interdependent parts of one and you will understand that separation is just an illusion. We are all a living multi-faceted expression of a single divine being.

As Schopenhauer said:

One great dream of a single dreamer in which all the dream characters dream, too.

You are never born, and you never die because you are indestructible. This awareness brings great joy and liberation. You begin to see life as exciting fun, not a tiring existence. So, you stop fearing death, which is not the end of life, but simply the opposite of death.

You will discover that you are a multidimensional artist shaping reality with your mind because sleep is a reflection of the mind, a mirror in which the mind observes itself.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dream of the Universe or your individual. You will understand that every moment of your experience is a function of your imagination. You will discover that you can actually change this dream yourself and start having fun with it. Then you will discover that by working on your mind, you can change the world around you, because the world is a reflection of what is happening in you. However, to really change the world you have to really be yourself. You can’t live by someone else’s imagination of who you should be, because then you don’t even benefit yourself, so how could you benefit the world?

Universe awakening and reset.

Our world is plunging more and more into chaos, wreaking more and more havoc. But you alone are responsible for putting it in order, not “them”. It is you who must put your own inner world in order so that the changes in you will manifest on the physical plane. It is you who should fight your inner demons so that good and love reign in the world. Nobody will do it for you. Only you have power over yourself.

Just like you – we as a collective, as a species also have to face our shadow. So instead of continuing to destroy your planet, start creating it. Instead of fighting and competing, support each other and cooperate, knowing that if I do something for you, I am actually doing it for myself because we are all connected. To face all the evil that our civilization has allowed to spread to the world for centuries. Demons that we ourselves have brought to life with our choices and individual manifestations, or ignorance. Discover what is hidden. Face the brutal truth about ourselves and our world. Heal society, structures, governments, companies, systems. To start from the beginning, knowing that we have prepared this fate for ourselves. 

If you want to learn more about the collective shadow, face the truth about the world, read the book by Anna Głowacz: “Star Children Consciousness”.

You can buy this book here.

I recommend it very much!


Paul Levy „Awakening to the Dreamlike Nature of Reality” broadcast, 15.10.22020, 2020 Dreamwork Summit series: Harness the Power of Your Dreams for Insight, Guidance, and Renewed Purpose 13-16.10.2020

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