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Dreams and dream incubation.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Dreams and dream incubation it is a picture of woman with cards and moon.

The next stage in working with your dreams is dream incubation. You have control over your thoughts, so by using your thoughts you can incubate your dreams, which means, triggering them on purpose and a specific topic. If you want your dream to be about a specific topic, be it as entertainment or as a solution to a specific, specific problem, you can simply focus your full attention on that topic just before you fall asleep.

In this article y will learn:

  • How to incubate your dreams. 
  • The 7 steps of the dream incubation process.

Surely you have experienced more than once in your life when you went to sleep thinking about a problem, and then when you woke up you received an answer. Often, even in colloquial language, it is said: “I have to sleep with this”, this saying did not come out of nowhere.

Do you remember that you often did it consciously in your high school days when you were preparing for the math exam? When you didn’t know how to solve a task, you asked for an answer in a dream and it always came. So, you got up in the morning and solved the task you had a problem with the day before without any hassle. It is a pity that they do not allow students to take a nap for a few minutes during the exam, then the grades would certainly be better.

This was because your unconscious mind pondered the subject all night long.

Find out about dreams and dream incubation.

The dream incubation process has been known to mankind for at least 5,000 years. However, the most reliable information regarding this process comes from the times of Ancient Greece. This is how, for example, Hippocrates gained his medical knowledge.

My interest in dream incubation came from experiencing dream revelations, i.e. dreams – meetings with a divine being. The ancients drew their knowledge from these dreams, and also predicted threats to their communities, so they were very keen on experiencing these kinds of dreams. Therefore, based on their experiences, they developed a whole base of various rituals that were to help them in this and evoke a sense of divine presence, that is, to guarantee a revelation to a dream. Therefore, incubations were most often carried out in or around temples, and even in tombs.

The rituals differed depending on the place on Earth or culture. Among such rituals we can mention, for example, fasting, massage, meditation, painting, rubbing the face with mud, sebum, and charcoal, rubbing the body with ashes, or a bath. Their goal was to shape the content of subsequent dreams.

Dreams and dream incubation.

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Dreams and dream incubation.

Nowadays, incubation is understood as practices, rituals, techniques, and efforts intentionally used to induce helpful dreams.

However, rituals are not needed to incubate dreams. Incubation occurs naturally as a result of your daily experiences. What you thought during the day, your unconscious mind simply includes the themes of your dreams. However, you can consciously manage this process and use it productively. You can program your dreams to serve you.

Today it has been proven that dream incubation brings the desired results. Dream incubation research was conducted by Deirdre Berrettz of Harvard Medical School. She asked her students without giving them any specific dream incubation method to carry out a sleep incubation. Half of the students were able to incubate and for the most part. They received information that actually brought them solutions to their problems. Therefore, dream incubation in the process of psychotherapy is more and more often used today.

Dream incubation is a very exciting topic. It opens up a completely new path for you. Controlling your dreams means that you can also control your emotions, creativity, and memory, heal trauma through dreams, and more.

Dreams and dream incubation.

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Dreams and dream incubation.

So, what is the best way to properly carry out the incubation process?

Same as the manifesting process, so:

  1. State the intention – ask only about one topic, not several. Use only a few words, e.g. “Should I marry Krzysztof?” You will then get clear, simple, and transparent information. For example, you can ask about your life mission this way if you don’t know it yet. There has to be one clear point, as in manifesting, preferably positive. Instead of asking “Why am I sick?” ask “What should I do to be healthy?” You can also write it down in your dream journal just before falling asleep. The point is that you should understand the answer you receive in your dream. If you want to dream about a specific topic, do it in the same way.
  2. Ideally, your intention should also be accompanied by some emotion.
  3. Before asking this question, calm your body and mind.
  4. Visualize a dream you want if you intend to go back to a dream or a dream about a specific subject. Or imagine yourself in the morning, as soon as you wake up, remembering the incubation of your sleep.
  5. You can also repeat your intention during the day.
  6. Focus mentally on your incubation but be relaxed and confident that you want to know the answer.
  7. When you wake up in the morning, write down any dreams or thoughts you have when you wake up. Don’t judge the content, just write down what you remember. When you are finished, reflect on what you wrote. Create all possible associations, interpretations, and connections with your real life. Look for a solution in your interpretation, but be patient. Sometimes incubation happens a few days later than you asked for it.

By doing this you can get help in healing yourself, you can seek guidance about your finances, or ask for inspiration or advice on some general matter.

Incubation can also be a form of spiritual practice to prepare you for transformational dreams through professional guides through the process.

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If you want to see the Deirdre Barrett study, you can do so here:

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