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The advantages and disadvantages of your soul.

by Agata Dzierżawa
A picture advantages and disadvantages of the soul shows a woman with shadow.

40+ and what’s next.

So you are 40+, you have your advantages and disadvantages. You are still young, in life full bloom but life is boring you, and you act like an old jaded dame. Because everything is so repetitive. You only drink, eat, sleep, go to work, and every day the same. Yes, there are cool moments too, but there are so few that on the fingers of both hands you could count them all. Most of life, however, still looks the same.

In this article, you’ll learn about the pluses and minuses of each type of soul.

If this is the case, why exactly did you come into this world? Why do you have to work constantly? Who says you have to do a career? Make money if you still don’t have enough. And then spend it on some things that you still have too much and too much.

Wait, wait. You can’t even see that you have too many! You still want more. It is only when moving from one apartment to another, of course, larger and larger, that you see the real size of your consumption. You feel it physically while carrying the sackcloth of clothes, shoes, and bags on your own back. Only when you strain your arm and can’t move it for a few days, you will think that maybe you overdo it a bit…

Free as a bird.

In the moment of weakness you will give away your treasures with a heavy heart – because you need everything and everything will be useful. A little bit to the charity shop, a little bit to a friend who gives old clothes a second life, and a little bit to everyone else who is around. After that, you feel lighter, fresher, and free as a bird. You would happily take off in the air. Such a nothing, and so much joy it brings. Hmmm, weird.

Week or month of enjoying the lightness of being, after which the action begins again. The more you settle into a new place, the more things arrive. You jump into old modes like the hamster into the carousel. If getting rid of all these things brings you such lightness, then why do you break your neck to get more of that burden again?

Don’t you feel that something stinks here?

In Malaysia, they have a problem with the indigenous people of this country because they can’t learn the work ethos. They go to work to earn money for their survival, food, and fees. When they meet their basic needs, they don’t show up at work anymore. Until they will need money for their livelihood again. They can’t understand why they have to work in advance. For some abstract just in case. Because of this the other influx of residents, call them lazy and fools and try to teach them different behavior. They have a similar problem in Australia with Aborigines and in South Africa with the indigenous people of the continent. And you at your own request, fund yourself stress, loans, problems with the garbage disposal, etc. Who is really a fool here?

Every morning coffee, breakfast, and to the job. You work, you pretend that this work is so interesting, and even there are moments that you believe that it has more sense than acquiring your account with numbers. The more numbers, the greater your commitment. And you do not even notice that you do not have time for anything else, because the day somehow does not want to stretch. Sometimes you have hiccups, right, but why would you care about it?  There is a weekend, a few dinners in the city, good wine, and some entertainment, and you will buy something nice, and soon you will be fine.

Is this how it should look like? Another 40 years? Somehow it’s hard for you to believe it. There must be more sense in all this, after all.

Well, you already know that it’s the soul, it’s about it. You already know that you must listen to it. You even try to hear it somehow. Some yoga classes, a philosophical book, a concert, and even a joint from time to time. You have a foretaste. You licked something. Even if you know what it tastes like, you want more, just how to make it last forever and not just temporary? You even know that you need it because you are almost at the top of Maslow’s Pyramid. You also know that it is immortal and it must develop. And this is not the first time you are looking for contact with it, because you have done it many times. And as a shaman, as the wife of the official Julius Caesar, and again as a Medieval knight in Western Europe. Moreover, you even know that you are an old ass, of the type of priest.

Just what about this priesthood? You have this knowledge about yourself, but what’s next?

The advantages and disadvantages of your soul you should be familiar with.

For now, you have only identified what software your soul is operating on, you should now know the manual guide for that software so that you know what can wait for you when you press the wrong key. You can do this by learning the advantages and disadvantages of your soul type. Why the pros and cons? Because every manifestation of consciousness always has two poles, positive and negative. The positive pole is the expression of the true self, or soul, while the negative pole is the expression of the false self or ego. In general, by following the voice of your soul and not ego you are able to facilitate many things

Knowing the pluses and minuses of each soul type will help you identify your life purpose and also help you function in relationships, both romantic and usual. It will also help you to understand what is your main driving force and why you make such and no other life choices.


In a positive sense, this is the soul type passionate and compassionate, good shepherd, lovingly leading their flock to better pastures. It is the leading light for everyone. However, they can fall into the trap of manic zeal or fanatism being highly hypocritical and determined to turn everything into one vision – their version.

Advantages: enthusiastic, visionary, inspiring, spiritual, friendly, caring, devoted, compassionate, guiding, humane, and raising.

Disadvantages: fanatical, irrational, evangelical feverish, impractical, recurrent, blinded, unclear, vague, ardent, obsessive, overly emotional.


This type is proficient in using the imagination and because of this spends a lot of time in the land of fantasy. In a positive aspect, they is associated with creation and fulfillment. This attitude drives progress in different fields like art or technology. However, it can also turn into a negative aspect when it is based on ego and fear. It can cause detachment from reality, or for example, they can start creating ingenious lies or fantasies to deceive others and satisfy their own benefits.

Very often, they also has a problem with self-image and doesn’t want to be the center of somebody’s attention. They is rather shy, and distanced. They can also fall into the trap of creativity and create weird, useless, and senseless things just to impress and create something new and different.  

Advantages: creative, fresh, expressive, ingenious, innovative, original, spontaneous, stylish.

Disadvantages: artificial, emotional, moody, fastidious, dreamed, shot, lying to himself, skeptical, critical.


Manifesting their negative side, they can fall into exaggeration, excessive acting, melodramatic, and become unrealistic. Oratory and talkative may lead them to want to focus their attention on themself, it can turn into obsession and not actually transfer anything valuable to others. On the positive side, they express themself and communicate insightfully, amusingly, and in a way that connects everyone. They uses their natural talents for articulation and speech to enlighten and entertain. They is a great communicator of life.

Advantages: friendly, witty, clever, eloquent, colorful, dramatic, entertaining, fun-loving, informed, inquisitive, perceptive, storyteller.

Disadvantages: arrogant, constantly demanding, too dramatic, gossip, egocentric, loud, deceptive, obtrusive, meddlesome, annoying, oratory, slimy, tactless, unpalatable.


They is the most altruistic and adaptive of all roles. You could even call them a saint. Unfortunately, often putting others in the first place works against them. The trap of this role is that they can become a slave, working for others without thanks or reward.

Advantages: capable, friendly, caring, faithful, devoted, inspiring, loving, practical, sweet, warm, trustworthy, reliable.

Disadvantages: secretive, overbearing, doormat, enslaved, frustrated, martyr, overworked, devoted sacrifice, servile.


It is a very neutral type, rather watching than being proactive or involved. In a positive sense, they develops clear, objective knowledge, acquires important information, and meaningful experiences for the benefit of all. They is a useful expert and the authority of a specific field. They is also a very good mediator. However, it may turn out that their knowledge is too theoretical, hypothetical, and abstract. They may get lost in intricate, senseless, impractical, theoretical issues that will not be of interest to anyone but themself

Advantages: interesting, relaxed, thoughtful, logical, methodical, neutral, observing, understanding, adventurous, bold, smart, competent, polished, experienced, knowledgeable, and educated.

Disadvantages: boring, too cerebral, passive, too slow, theoretical, abstract, arrogant, overbearing, lonely, withdrawn.


In a positive aspect, it is an autonomous, powerful, and responsible type, it manages both themself and the environment with good results. They helps others to achieve great things. A great leader. However, they can fall into the trap of tyranny, playing with people, and treating them as marionettes for their own selfish goals.

Advantages: charismatic, strategic, perfectionist, kind, complex, gracious, imperious, versatile, professional, generous, masterful, stable.

Disadvantages: arrogant, haughty, soulless, controlling, demanding, extravagant, intolerant, unperturbed, ruthless, tyrant.


In a positive sense, it is a strong and effective type. They introduces discipline into life. However, the threat here is the situation when the goal starts to justify the means, and the focus on achieving results will override the methods of their acquisition. They can then start acting through intimidation, cruelty, or brutal oppression of others. They can also become too harsh with themself, and impose too heavy a rigor to see how much they can handle. This can lead to dangerous situations with the risk of life included. As a parent, they can raise children in the military system using a system of penalties and rewards.

Advantages: energetic, determined, focused, organized, productive, prudent, proud, reasonable, essential, protective, brave, resourceful, enterprising, skillful, mentally resilient, honorable.

Disadvantages: brutal, conflict, stressed, suspicious, unceremonious, bully, pressured, devious, cunning, explosive, impulsive, threatening, intimidating, limited, insolent, arrogant, ruthless.

Another interesting thing you should know is that 6 of these types create couples that have similar specializations in life.

Priests and servers are specialists in inspiring those who care for the well-being of others, serving a greater good, and seeking to improve the quality of life for all.

Sages and artisans are experts in expression, dealing with putting ideas into practice, and giving form or voice to their inner thoughts and feelings, thus changing the way they perceive others.

Kings and warriors are specialists in the field of transforming practical goals into reality.

Scholars as a natural role do not have a pair, they are assimilation specialists, absorbing knowledge from life.

So you are a priest, or rather a priestess, an inspiration specialist with a tendency to fanaticism…

Such a 40-year-old Hitler-visionaries. All of yourself! Nothing more, nothing less. The next 40 years will seem interesting.


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