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Prophetic dreams or types of dreams.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Prophetic Dreams Types of dreams is a picture of a sleeping beauty.

Prophetic dreams or types of dreams.

Your subtle bodies are involved in the dreaming process. During sleep, your consciousness moves from your physical body to subtle bodies. Each of them is capable of dreaming their own type of dream. The closer to the atmic body, the smaller the proportion of fantasy being the product of the dreamer and the more divine consciousness. To fully understand each of the seven dream types, you must learn to be aware of each of the seven dream types and be aware of each dream level.

In this article, you will learn about the most important types of dreams, as well as how sleep differs from hypnosis or trance. 

We differentiate between many kinds of dreams. Generally speaking, however, the type of dream depends on which subtle body the dream comes from, so we have, for example, physical, emotional, mental, astral, and spiritual dreams. Dream categorizing is part of the dream interpretation process. 

Here are the most known types of dreams:

Ordinary dreams

The most common dreams. They concern ordinary, current situations, places, or characters from your everyday life.

External stimuli dreams, the so-called vigilant dreams

Typical physical dreams caused by external stimuli, such as outside noise of the TV or water dripping from the tap, affect the content of your sleep.

Anticipating-minded-transgression dreams (AMTD)

These are dreams in which you experience yourself doing a habit, or a task you no longer do, such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Usually, it is accompanied by guilt in the dream itself or when awake. Or, for example, you dream that you are performing a task, for example, you keep booking invoices in your sleep. These kinds of dreams usually result from stress associated with high responsibility.

False sleep

This is when you normally wake up, go to the bathroom, get dressed, eat breakfast, and suddenly wake up and realize it was a dream.

Vivid dreams

Intense, vivid dreams, usually caused by lack of sleep, pregnancy, stress, mental problems, alcohol, or other substances such as medications (drugs for malaria, for example, cause these dreams, do you know something about it, don’t you?). They are so intense that you may even get confused with reality. You also often wake up after them and are tired. Such dreams are also often the result of the healing process, freeing the negative energy from your unconscious into your consciousness. The sensations they make in you usually last from a few hours to several days after waking up.

Lucid dream

This is one of the most interesting dreams. Bright, clear dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming. You are in control of your dream, its content and you keep clear thinking. It’s a dream in which you are the director yourself. You can influence its action, e.g. turn, change the ending, etc.

Nightmares vegative, frighten dreams. 

Their causes are most often tension, stress, fear, trauma, difficulties, emotional problems, diseases, and the use of certain drugs or drugs. If you have these types of dreams, consult a dream specialist regularly or seek psychological advice. 

Warfare dreams

These are dreams that differ from nightmares in that they usually do not cause fear in the heart, but leave a feeling of inner struggle and a sense of hopelessness, rejection, and despair. They show you clearly where you are fighting against the realm of darkness.

Recurring dreams 

These are dreams in which the same problem, usually unresolved over time, appears over and over again. 

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Dreams messages 

These are metaphorical, symbolic dreams in which your soul tries to communicate with you. These are dreams in which the Creator tries to tell you something important. The most frequently recurring dreams fall into this category.

Precognition dreams

Dreams of seeing the future or fragments of future events that may happen. Everyone experiences such dreams at least once in their life. An example of such a dream is e.g. deja vu.

Visionary dreams

These are usually dreams that are central to the entire community. Such an example was, for example, the dreams of shamans about hunting or the movement of an entire tribe in search of food.

Clairvoyant dreams

These are dreams that happen as your psychic senses and dreams work together. These are dreams in which the image appears as a narrative, right before you wake up, so you remember everything you see. It also turns out that the events in your dream are real and will actually occur shortly after your dream. Clairvoyant dreams predict almost instantaneously, and prophetic dreams provide information about future events. For example, you see situations in your family’s everyday life the night before that day. Most often they relate to your family, siblings, or someone with whom you are in an intimate relationship. Additionally, the images that appear in your dream are at an accelerated pace and are shown from different perspectives. You are very familiar with these dreams.

Dreams shared

We are talking about dreams that happen to people who have a strong emotional connection. They rely on two or more people having the same dream at the same time. Such dreams often happen, for example, with a twin flame.

Telepathic dreams

These are dreams in which you dream of other people or dream a dream for another person. This means you don’t know the meaning of this dream, but when you tell someone else, they immediately find an interpretation of it. It is also a dream in which you receive information about a person or event taking place while you are awake without your knowledge and which you verify when you wake up as real.

Healing dreams

Such dreams date back to ancient Greece. The Greeks visited the temple of Asclepius in Epidaurus, they spent the night there waiting for healing sleep. A healing dream is a dream in which you are given instructions about your or someone else’s health, such as how to cure yourself of an illness. Sometimes they suggest very detailed and complicated treatments. However, before you decide to replace traditional medical care with sleep insight, consult a qualified physician before making such an important health decision.

Visitation dreams

Also called grief dreams, these are dreams in which recently deceased family members, friends, partners, or even pets or your ancestors appear. Such dreams are usually very vivid, meaningful, instructive, warning (e.g. about the death of someone from the closest family, the death of a parent), and sometimes even life-changing.

Dreams that appear shortly before someone’s death (they may or may not show this person) also fall into this category, they warn against someone’s death. And also dreams in which we learn about someone’s death. They appear right after the death of a person or animal and most often show the moment of saying goodbye to the deceased. Most often, when you wake up, you find out while you are awake about someone’s death. Usually, the theme of such dreams is the rationalization of loss, helping the deceased to enter the spiritual world, death, the dreamer’s discomfort, the comfort of the deceased, health and joy of the deceased, and separation from the deceased.

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Creative and problem-solving dreams

These are dreams that show your artistic side. Inspirational, providing creative ideas or solutions. Or helping you make choices. A well-known dream of this type is, for example, Paul McCartney’s dream about the melody that became the song “Yesterday”.

Catharic dreams

These types of dreams are caused by your emotions to such an extent that you begin to lose control of them. The Greek word catharsis means release from guilt, shame, or negative emotions. These are dreams of emotional release. After such a dream, you usually gain new insight.

Emotional dreams

Very emotional dreams, evoking feelings of joy, sadness, or anxiety.

Dreams that help you heal your inner child

Or dreams where you are given instructions on how to heal your childhood wounds.

Compensation dreams

Dream category created by C. G. Jung. He believed that dreams compensate for everyday reality and the conscious sphere. In other words, they satisfy your desires and unmet needs. So there are elements in them that have been pushed out of your consciousness. These are dreams showing you your shadow, non-integrated parts of your personality. For example, if you are as meek as a lamb every day, and in your dreams you see yourself chasing everyone with an ax, it means gentleness and suppressed aggression.
Cosmic and spiritual dreams, revelations 

Very rare, incredibly beautiful, and colorful. Opening to the Universe and communing with the Cosmos. They often take you into other lifetimes, into other dimensions of existence, and allow you to incarnate into other life forms. Thanks to them, you meet your guides and spiritual guardians, Angels, archetypes. In this type of dream, you can even get healed physically. You will remember this type of dream for many years to come, and it will interpret it differently every time it passes. The consequence of these dreams is most often a change in life. In addition to dreams, we also distinguish dream-like states such as:


These include self-hypnosis and regressive hypnosis. It is an altered state of consciousness, similar to sleep, but different from that of sleep or wakefulness. It is usually the result of a certain procedure being used by the hypnotist, but it can also appear spontaneously.


An altered sleep-like state of consciousness is characterized by altered sensitivity to stimuli. It is invoked in various ceremonies or rituals. The most common driving factor is hitting the drum.

There is also a dream that lasts a little longer than normal sleep and is called “an eternal dream” or death. During this dream, consciousness also shifts from the physical body to the subtle bodies in order to wake up as a result of birth in a new physical body. Each of our falling asleep is in a sense death, although it causes your disappearance from the material world for only one night.
Proper preparation for an eternal dream is very important, you can read about it in the article “Death – the manual”.

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Prophetic dreams or types of dreams. Prophetic dreams or types of dreams.

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