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Who was I in my previous life?

by Agata Dzierżawa
A graphic previous life depicting a woman made up of many different elements.

Who was I in my previous life?

You remember the day as if it was yesterday. The holidays of your dreams in Egypt. It has always dragged you there for some reason. You don’t know why. Perhaps through Cleopatra and those books about her that you’ve always read with such a passion. Or maybe through this handsome seller from the kebab place around the corner.

In this article, you’ll learn how to find out who you were in your previous life.

Finally, the day has come when your dream has become a reality. You get off the plane, the warm wind embeds the Sahara sand on your face, the sun shines and this peculiar smell of the air. And this feeling… Finally, you are at home… Everything is exactly as it should be, what you know. You are not surprised by the local customs. You love the noise on the streets. Even the taste of the dishes seems familiar to you. Have you ever experienced this feeling?

If you feel that you are obsessively attracted by a particular country or culture. Or maybe even sometimes you happen to dream in some foreign language, which means that reincarnation has left a mark on your consciousness.

 Do you sometimes feel that you have already lived?

Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Have you ever met a stranger and had the impression that you have known him forever?  

If so, you should know that these are common signs of reincarnation.

“Like a person putting off old clothes to put on a new one, so also the soul enters the new material body, leaving the old and useless”.


Reincarnation is a process in which the soul is born in a physical body, dies, and returns to the spiritual form to be born again in another body. This cycle lasts for thousands of years, and the soul gradually gains wisdom and experience.

Faith in the journey of the soul is characteristic of many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. The main directions of Christianity now reject the possibility of reincarnation, although the early Christians accepted this possibility. It was removed from the dogmas by the General Council of Constantinople in 553.

Many famous people believed in reincarnation, among them Pythagoras, Plato, Plutarch, Giordano Bruno, Campanella, and Henry More.

According to Wikipedia, the percentage of people who believe in reincarnation currently ranges from 12 – 44 % depending on the country.

Why don’t you remember your previous lives?

Because you are here to live this life, not to remember the struggles, triumphs, and horrors of the past. Remembering previous lives are burdened with a very large potential of emotional anxiety and confusion. Imagine that in a previous life you were a wealthy nobleman, and in this life, you would have to struggle with constant poverty for a change. How would this affect your attitude? What frustrations would it bring daily?

Luckily all knowledge about previous lives is stored in your subconscious. Unfortunately, the human brain is not developed enough to gain access to this knowledge. It is able to reach a small piece of memory. Usually only small children, up to age 6, sometimes retain memories of their last life and forget them in the new incarnation over time.

You will probably ask, why do you need this information about your previous lives? Why should you care about it?

Although, you should live your present life and focus on it, sometimes it is worth learning something about your previous incarnations. For example, to become aware of the source of your problems in your present life. This knowledge can also help you to clarify your goal in the present life, and to understand the lessons you should convert in your current incarnation.

It can also help you get rid of unnecessary beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, heal unresolved emotions, allow access to abilities you developed in the previous incarnation, understand your relationship problems, free old patterns and adapt your energy to new ones or just open your mind. And also eg. help to understand why you have problems getting pregnant.

But above all, it will satisfy your basic human curiosity and let you see life from a new perspective.

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Who was I in my previous life? How to find out it?

You can gain knowledge of your previous incarnations by:

  • Regression – a technique that uses hypnosis to regain memories of previous incarnations or incarnations in the form of events, moments, thoughts, feelings, and imagines. It is used as a method of solving serious emotional problems. It uses the power of the subconscious. Regression in psychology is a return to behavior typical for previous developmental periods. It is often a defense mechanism and appears as a result of, for example, stress. The hypnotist provokes a regression that allows you to go back to the time of the occurrence of a traumatic experience and helps to remove the blockade that prevents you from enjoying life. Regression hypnosis allows a comprehensive description of the reality in which souls reside between birth and death. 
  • Meditation,
  • Intuition,
  • Dreams – pay attention to recurring dreams, and nightmares. Try to distinguish usual dreams from those that have some message.  Writing a journal of your dreams is a very good method. It let you analyze them and put them together.
  • Introspection,
  • Memories – of people, places, and events you have never experienced.
  • Déjà vu – events already experienced, feelings caused by voice or music, familiar places where you feel that you have already been.
  • Clairvoyance session,
  • Xenoglossy – that is the ability of a man to speak (often fluently) languages with which a person has never had anything in common or was not even aware of their existence.

You can also try to bring back memories from previous incarnations yourself.

How to do it?

  • Remind yourself of your favorite childhood fun. Was there any special in which you loved to play non-stop? Did you have any specific hobbies?
  • Check what attracts you in a special way, what interests you, or what creates a sense of nostalgia.
  • Think about whether you have any strange fear or phobias, uncontrollable habits, or pains of unknown origin.
  • Do you have any specific birthmarks on your body? They may indicate the way you died in the previous incarnation or be a trace of any injury from your previous incarnation.
  • Think about whether you have a favorite period in history, unexpected skills, knowledge, love, or dislikes.
  • Think about what kind of people you seem to attract to your life. Maybe you will sense a common denominator.

Combine all the information and try to analyze some common features. Use your intuition and perhaps you can remember who you were in your previous life.

For example, it may happen that you meet a new person in your life, and after the meeting, you have a dream about the person in which you say to the person: “As you are Gaius, I am Gaia“. A sentence whose meaning you do not know at all and will seem extremely strange to you. With the help of Google, you will get to what this sentence means – marriage vows spoken in the times of Ancient Rome. After that, you will go to the clairvoyant to ask about this person and she will confirm that you were married during the Roman Empire. And you have your previous incarnation!


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Who was i in my previous life


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