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Aura cleansing.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Aura cleansing is a picture of a woman cleaning a rainbow.

Why should you cleanse your aura?

All the time, you unwittingly take in the energy that surrounds you. Whether these are the places where you stay or the people you are with. That is why it is very important to cleanse your aura regularly.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why is aura cleansing so important?
  • You will learn the 19 most popular ways to cleanse the aura.

Not once you have noticed for sure that being in the company of negative people affects your own energy. But do you realize that neighbors from behind the wall, if you live in a multi-family building, affect your aura? Yes, because the aura penetrates the walls, so you unwittingly exchange energy with each person who is behind the wall of your apartment. Sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you barely start the day and already feel tired? Maybe it was your neighbor who deprived you of energy.

Have you ever wondered how your lovers influence your aura? Especially those with whom you sleep all night later in one bed? After each tinder date, you should immediately clear your aura, and it’s best not to sleep with someone you don’t know energy at all.

The aura cleansing – an example from life.

You especially remember one such tinder date, you went to dinner with a guy and after 5 minutes sitting with him at one table, you thought you couldn’t stand it. From the beginning, you felt the need to escape as soon as possible, although the boy was very nice. You didn’t want to make yourself crazy so you waited for the waiter to bring your order, but every 5 minutes you ran to the toilet to breathe and calm down.

You didn’t know what was going on, but you felt like you were allergic to his company. Everything itched you energetically, you were nervous and you couldn’t focus on what he was saying and kept moving away from him as far as possible. When you finished eating, you immediately said that you had to leave him.

You surprised the poor boy very much, he tried to stop you by offering a drink, etc., but you were not convinced, you decided to trust your intuition. When he asked if you could see each other again, you couldn’t stand it and said: “I can’t meet you anymore because your energy doesn’t suit me at all. I don’t know what’s going on, but I just can’t stay in your company for a minute longer. ”

You’ll never forget his wide-open eyes. He sent you a text, later on, saying that he thought for a long time about what you said about his energy. And he thought he discovered what was going on. It turned out that he was an osteopath and he healed people from serious illnesses. Apparently, he soaked in the energy of his patients so his aura was repelling you strongly.

So, as it turns out, not only not washing the body can ruin a date, but also not purifying your aura … To sum up, you need to take care of the hygiene of each body, because if you find someone with good intuition, there won’t be any dating and sex.

Negative energies affect your aura negatively.

Unpurified aura causes that the energy flowing through you will block and negative energy will flow more and more often through energy channels. So, you can start getting sick more often, start falling into depressed moods, worry, you won’t want anything. You will be constantly tired of body and spirit. Therefore, the aura needs to be cleaned regularly. But the most important thing is to be aware of your energy and the energy that surrounds you. Avoid toxic people and energetic vampires, surround yourself only with positive people. Start paying attention to your thoughts and get rid of negative thinking. Surround yourself with beautiful objects, art, natural materials, wear clothes from natural materials, clean and ventilate your apartment, introduce bright colors into your interior. Spend time in nature, surround yourself with plants.

How to cleanse your aura?


You can do it yourself during meditation, imagining your aura and white bright light penetrating your body from head to foot.


You can try Reiki. The word Reiki means Universal Love. It is a method of manipulating and directing body energy by touch, originating in Japan. The practitioner tries to remove energy blocks – that is, places of energy stagnation, which most often form in places of physical injury or emotional pain of a person. These blocks can cause illness over time. It improves the flow of energy, relaxes, reduces pain, accelerates healing, and reduces disease symptoms. This method is used even in some hospitals around the world.

Silhouette therapy

You can try through contact with Mother Earth, with nature, hugging the tree (silhouette therapy), feel its smell and energy, or walking barefoot on the grass.

Iceland recommended its citizens even hugging trees during a pandemic, see:


You can burn sage or cider or some other herbs.

Pranic Healing

You can try Pranic Healing. This method involves working with energy. The therapist transfers prana – solar energy to the patient using specific techniques and frequencies. The therapist first scans the patient for energy irregularities, then removes it, eliminates congestion in energy channels. Finally, it revitalizes, i.e. replenishes the patient’s life energy.


You can take a bath with sea salt.


You can try color therapy, eg chromotherapy, which is the use of frequencies of specific colors to stimulate the nervous system.

Chu Quang

You can try Chi Qung – a set of exercises from the Chinese tradition to work with life energy that allows you to harmonize the flow of this energy in your body.


You can try acupuncture – a Chinese-based procedure that involves puncturing metal needles of a selected area of ​​the patient’s body to enhance flow and vitality. Restores physiological and metabolic balance, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the circulatory system, repairs tissues, and relieves pain.


You can try visualizations, e.g. during an evening shower, imagine that the water being washed in you contains particles that wash your aura and complement it with new energy.


You can try acupressure – a procedure originating in China that involves pressing your fingers on specific places in the body. A gentle touch, stroking, pressing, tapping points corresponding to specific internal organs are used. It is based on knowledge about the flow of energy through various organs. This method works on the neurohormonal system, lowers blood pressure, oxygenates, nourishes, and detoxifies internal organs.


You can try aromatherapy, which is inhaling the fumes of natural essential oils to improve physical and mental health.

Sound bath

You can try bathing in the sounds of gongs or bowls.


Trying lithotherapy or precious stone therapy, especially white rock crystals, pink crystals, amethyst, black obsidians. All you have to do is arrange them in the rooms where you usually stay.

Auro Soma

You can try Auro Soma therapy. It is a method that uses the healing power of colors, minerals, precious stones, and plant energy. Its foundation is a set of 107 energy bottles based on oils and water, which are applied directly to the body.

Flower Therapy

You can try the so-called Flower Therapy with Dr. Bach’s energy essences. It is a therapy based on 38 plant flower essences, which are carriers of energy information contained in the plant. These essences do not have a chemical effect, therefore anyone can use them, there are no contraindications.


You can try homeopathy – methods of treatment with substances of natural origin (plant, animal, and mineral).


Try the floating or therapeutic session consisting of floating on the water with salt in a special floating capsule. This introduces a state of deep relaxation, which normally the body feels only during meditation.

Light Therapy

You can try light therapy – a method of exposing people to colorful light.

Do you know any other aura cleansing method you use? Share with us in the comments.


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