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Childbirth as a spiritual experience.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Childbirth as a spiritual experience is a picture of a pregnant woman and a soul approaching her.

Nowadays, very often we treat the birth of a child as one of the bullet points on the personal list of goals for the realization of each woman. A goal that is best achieved in a convenient way. And at the most appropriate time, chosen, of course, by the person concerned. And, of course, in the greatest physical comfort of the mother. In turn, each “anomaly” resulting from a discrepancy with this personal list is associated with a sense of disappointment, frustration, stress, depression, and self-and world resentment.

In this article you will learn:

  • What the spiritual dimension of childbirth is.
  • What affects the psyche of a newborn baby.
  • How to Make Childbirth a Spiritual Experience.

Often also women who, for various reasons, have not ticked this target on their list are treated either with compassion or with a sense of superiority by most of the society. And although social awareness changes every year, collective archetypes remain the same.

Meanwhile, each of us and the soul of each of us has its own life mission to fulfill. It does not always include those points that are generally considered the most important in life. Our souls have their own hierarchy of goals, usually distinct from our own.

Sometimes their goal may be to experience the disappointment of having problems conceiving. Sometimes the death of an unborn child, sometimes single motherhood, and sometimes maybe happy motherhood in a full family. It is worth remembering that what we often treat from our point of view as a failure or a personal defeat is exactly what our soul wanted to experience in this incarnation. Success in life is completely different in the sense of the soul than it is in your understanding.

The task-oriented approach to birth and delivery obviously influenced the culture, tradition, and social expectations related to the birth of a child.

Nowadays, the very moment of childbirth we treat primarily in terms of a medical procedure. And the preparations for it mainly include formal issues, choosing a birth school, hospital, doctor, or midwife, and preparing a fashionable layette for an infant. And although family births are already the norm in all hospitals, the very moment of birth is not a spiritual experience for parents and a celebration of a new life, but rather a family event that raises social status.

The birth of a child is completely devoid of the spiritual dimension of this event. And even though home births or the presence of a doula during childbirth are becoming more and more popular, we still treat them as a kind of parents’ whim, and not the norm.

Birth is a very important time for the soul.

This is the moment when a new soul changes to the physical plane. It is a very stressful experience for the soul. And it is often associated with the various beliefs that the soul acquires in connection with this experience. These beliefs depend primarily on the mother’s attitude towards pregnancy. Whether she is expecting a child with love, gratitude, and joy, or fear, anxiety, and fears, or even disgust.

They depend on whether the pregnancy was awaited, was it a surprise, or even a problem that could not be solved in time. Remember that the soul is eternal and chooses for itself the experiences it wants to experience in life. It also knows what your reactions to its appearance in your life are, as well as your previous experiences.

Can read your mind on a subconscious level. It knows if you are ready for a baby if you want one, how many pregnancies you have had before. And also, how you have looked after your children so far. How many pregnancies you have terminated, how many miscarriages you have, whether you want a boy or a girl. Are you worried that you will not report another pregnancy? Or that you will be punished for terminating the previous pregnancy? Are you overwhelmed by the thought that you will give birth to a disabled or sick child? All your innermost thoughts and emotions influence your yet unborn baby. You don’t even have to say them out loud. It is enough that they are in your subconscious, and they automatically become the luggage that you put on the back of your newborn baby.

They can result in your child feeling rejected, humiliated, unacceptable, lowered self-confidence, and even affect the connection of his soul with the Source. If the child’s soul knows that it is not welcomed in the world, and yet is born into it, it can even result in a feeling of being rejected by God.

Pregnancy is therefore a very important moment in a woman’s life. A moment which has a huge impact on the newborn man and its further fate and we should treat it with due respect.

Therefore, it is very important to take care not only of what seems obvious like the body of a pregnant woman and her child through a proper diet supported by an appropriate dose of exercise and sleep, but also to take care of her emotional, mental, and spiritual state. All these aspects affect the future life of her child, and thus the fate of our world.

Unfortunately, these days we often forgot about it. We expose pregnant women to various stresses and negative emotions. Often, forcing them to work normally almost to the very date of delivery. One rarely thinks about her mental and emotional needs, and yet they are much more sensitive at this time due to the constant hormonal swing. Women are often exposed to problems in relationships with others, or even left to themselves by the departure of their partner. All these experiences affect not only the well-being of the future mother but also the future life and mental well-being of her child.

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Childbirth as a spiritual experience.

Childbirth is a spiritual experience that is unparalleled in life.

An experience that every woman deserves to experience in safe and comfortable conditions. In the presence of people who want to make a safe transition and a new beginning in life. The purpose of the birth of a child is to guide her and her partner through such changes that they will be good parents.

However, the sense of comfort is not limited only to the choice of childbirth school, hospital, and doctor, or experiencing childbirth without pain. Most women can endure the birthing process without anesthesia or sedation, as long as the right atmosphere is created during labor. A woman who is loved, grateful, amused, and admired in childbirth has higher levels of endorphins, which block her from feeling pain.

If the atmosphere during childbirth is full of fear, anxiety, nerves, the woman is cold, angry, humiliated, worried about problems in her relationship with her partner or any other unpleasant emotions, her adrenaline and cortisol levels increase. Then, the defense mechanism of her body begins to work, which occurs in emergency situations. The heart rate increases, muscles tighten, which can also lead to the cessation of labor contractions. The perception of pain also increases. So the woman is ready to fight or run, not to give birth to a child.

The touch of a loving man or friendly companions raises the level of oxytocin, which can lead to uterine contractions, thus facilitating childbirth.

Especially touch, by stimulating the woman’s breasts. A strong understanding of love, a relationship based on trust are the main factors that bring the baby out in such a way that it doesn’t have to be painful, cuddling, caressing with your partner, and being in touch with yourself helps. The more comfortable a woman feels in her body, the easier it is to be born.

The hospital sometimes puts the lives of women and their unborn children at risk by administering unnecessary medications and performing major surgeries. Rather than giving human attention, patience, and skill. Doctors stick epidural needles into the spine of women while having a lively discussion about their vacation or the lunch they have just eaten. The spiritual dimension of this experience is completely ignored.

Nobody teaches a woman to concentrate on herself, on her feelings, on body sensations, learn to relax, gather strength for the next contraction, be patient, calm, support herself with breathing work or meditation.

You don’t think about supporting her mentally or emotionally. Although there is an institution of a doula, i.e. a specially trained woman, who believes it is emotional and physical to support the woman in labor. In Poland the use of her services is not popular. Meanwhile, scientific research shows that the presence of a doula during childbirth reduces the risk of hypoxia in newborns. It shortens the time of childbirth and also strengthens the bond between the mother and the child after delivery.

Such female support for both the birthing woman and her partner during and immediately after birth was the norm in tribal communities. More experienced in motherhood and often enriched with obstetric knowledge, women supported the women in labor and their partners during childbirth.

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Childbirth as a spiritual experience.

When you get pregnant you make a contract with God that you will create a new life.

A child is a happiness and responsibility, but also an opportunity to transform you into wisdom and patience. When a baby is born, the entire universe has to shift and make room for him. Another individual is born, endowed with free will, and thus with the divine element. A newborn baby is as intelligent as you are. Even though it doesn’t speak the same language as you at first. So she deserves the same respect as you.

Spiritual preparation for childbirth involves clearing the mind of any subconscious emotional barriers that facilitate a smooth delivery. Any inhibitions or beliefs of the mother may slow down the birth process. If you’ve been a loser all your life, giving birth can knock you out. However, if you do something in advance that will build your character, you will have enough strength to have a child. Then its birth will be a beautiful and spiritual experience for you. However, you should know that working with the subconscious should be avoided during pregnancy. Because it may also affect the subconsciousness of the unborn child.

The birth itself is a sacred act.

During it, a woman can experience spontaneous insights, clairvoyance, establish an empathetic and telepathic bond with the soul of her child, experience mystical experiences, and feel unity with the whole world. She can also experience an orgasm, the energy of which will bring her closer to the Source of all that is. However, to achieve this, he needs, above all, appropriate conditions to be in contact with himself and the divine.

The best flow of birthing energy takes place when each person present during this activity helps the baby to come into the world. Even in a symbolic way. The presence of someone just as a spectator can disturb this energy, prolonging or even preventing the birthing action. This is because any person who is not the real help requires emotional support, which should be devoted entirely to the woman in labor. The woman’s other children should not participate in childbirth. It would be best if they were safely cared for by someone from their family at that time. During childbirth, the mother is the main channel of the life force. Her cooperation, courage, lack of selfishness, gratitude for this moment, and sense of humor influence the attitude of her child.

Childbirth is an experience you only have a few times in your life. So make sure you make your best of it.

It allows you to feel a bond with all mothers who give birth at the same moment. You may also experience a telepathic bond with a partner, doula, or a newborn child, sometimes even leading to the so-called “contact high” or departure in contact. It gives you the opportunity to feel a whole new kind of respect for your body.

Observing a newborn baby is often a very mystical experience for a new mother. An experience on the border of time and space. It helps in creating a bond between mother and baby. This bond is the primary and natural connection between mother and child. It is the fusion of the emotional and physical bonds between parents and the child that provides the maternal care necessary for the infant’s survival. The period immediately following birth is characterized by an extremely high sensitivity of both mother and child. Then, deep mental traces are preserved in the consciousness of both the mother and the child. Intervention in the normal bonding process has a great and sometimes even drastic effect on the family.

Women who have direct tactile contact with their babies shortly after birth establish more intimate contact with them. Also, have fewer problems with breastfeeding than women who are separated from their babies shortly after birth and reunited with them later.

Fathers who have witnessed the birth of their children also have a closer relationship with them. Through touch, children collect their first information about the Universe, which largely determines their personality. If the mother’s touch is insecure, weak, and careful, the baby may become irritable and weepy. A sure touch gives the child a sense of security and communicates a sense of control. However, touching your baby while feeding is a distraction. The child knows immediately whether the person who touches it enjoys it or not. Remember that the way you touch your baby affects his mind.

Breastfeeding a child is not only satisfying its physical hunger.

It is also the flow of life energy, love, and mental energy. It is also about being open to his needs, directing your attention to him with love and empathy. When the baby absorbs it, it vibrates with love and blooms.

The postpartum period was also much better understood in tribal cultures than in modern society. Freshly baked mothers had family members around them to help. Nobody expected them to immediately return to their activities, as is the case today. Someone else was cooking or caring for the other children. Mothers could rest after the hardships of pregnancy and childbirth, and introduce a gentle feeding rhythm. Contemporary social demands very often impose high expectations on mothers. It often ends in postpartum depression, which also affects the mother-child bond. Thus, leading to the future problems of an adult child.

The birth of a child is an important event not only for the immediate family of the child. It is also an important act for all mankind.

So it is very important to treat this moment with due respect for the mother and child. Welcoming a new soul with love. And allowing parents to experience this process with respect for the laws of nature and with its due spirituality, full of inborn wisdom, intuition, and trust.

However, despite the negative perinatal experiences and negative beliefs associated with them, neither you nor your baby are condemned to be stuck in their negative effects on the psyche. You can come back with memories to the moment of your birth. And change unfavorable memories and emotions into the subconscious, e.g. with the help of rebirthing.


Ina May Gaskin “Spiritual Midwifery”, (Duchowe położnictwo. Intymność narodzin.”), Virgo, Warszawa, 2009

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Childbirth as a spiritual experience. Childbirth as a spiritual experience.

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