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7 body types.

by Agata Dzierżawa
7 body types it is a picture of bodies with planet shaped head.

The body is the temporary home of your soul. Once you like it more, and once less. Sometimes you care about it, putting various balms on it, providing the right amount of movement, and feeding it with superfood. And sometimes, on the contrary, you torture it with different diets or just feed it with fast food. You get lazy spending hours immobile in front of the TV or in the contrary you utilize it without restraint. It serves you once better and once worse. Sometimes it is prettier and sometimes uglier depending on the current look trends.

In this article, you will learn 7 body types and their characteristics: Lunar, Venusian, Mercurian, Saturnian, Martial, Jovian, and Solar.

But do you know that although we are all different from each other, our bodies are similar to each other? In each ethnic group, you can observe people with certain characteristics and similar, and body features, which can be grouped into 7 body types.

Similarly to personality overlays, your soul also chooses a body type that will help it complete a specific lesson in a given life. Body type also affects your personality, physical characteristics (strengths and weaknesses), and psychological trends, including emotional and intellectual.

By becoming aware of your body type with its strengths and weaknesses you can work consciously to achieve balance.

Check the 7 body types.

There are 7 body types that correspond to the Sun, the Moon, and the five closest planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. Each type of these 7 body types has a definite dominant gland in the body. Due to the increased activity of this gland, you assume physical or mental characteristics that correspond to the increased production of this gland.

Most souls choose bodies that are a mixture of two or three different types e.g.  70% Mercurian, 20% Venusian, and 10% Martial. Clean body types are very rare.

The type of the body develops in the following order: Lunar, Venusian, Mercurian, Saturnian, Martian, Jupiterian, and Sunny. The Moon is the most “immature” and Jupiterian is the most advanced. Each soul gives itself the opportunity to try all types and continue this development. Major changes in the life of a companion often change in the types of the body.

Type 1 – Lunar Body.

Usually used by Servants – the soul type. This type of body is governed by the pancreas and lymphatic system, which in combination with the liver controls the digestion of food. This type of body has poor digestion and it often gets annoyed by constipation. It is also very susceptible to lunar phases.

Physical characteristics:

Pale skin. A meaty, round form. Moon face, short chin. Short and thin legs. Usually, light brown hair. Flexible body.

Advantages: passivity, patience, perseverance, sensitivity, compassion, peace.

Disadvantages: moodiness, remembrance, depressiveness, destructiveness.

Examples: Andy Warhol, and Albert Einstein.

The most common body type in Finland.

Type 2 – Venusian body.

This type of body is usually chosen by the Sages. Parathyroid glands govern this type of body. These are glands that complement the thyroid and stabilize metabolism.

Physical characteristics:

Beautiful and handsome body. Proportional. Skin free from blemishes, thick hair. Big and dark eyes. Darker skin. Wide feet and hands. Wide bones. Straight or wavy hair usually brown.

Advantages: friendliness, gentleness, loyalty.

Disadvantages: laziness, indifference, vegetation, indecision, carelessness, sloppiness.

Examples: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and James Dean.

The most common body type in Mexico.

Type 3 – Mercurian body.

This type of body corresponds to the role of the Artisan. It is ruled by the thyroid, which regulates the burning in the body and thus affects the speed and energy of the whole organism.

Physical characteristics:

Body lean, short, and energetic. A bright and clean look. Long and slender limbs. It is characterized by a low pain threshold and a tendency to hypochondria. It looks rather girlish and boyish than male or female. Wavy hair, usually dark.

Advantages: cleverness, versatility, cleanliness, care, cheerfulness, and wit.

Disadvantages: nervousness, impulsiveness, egocentricity, cynicism, supercritical, hypochondriac.

Examples: Fred Astaire, Napoleon, Mata Hari.

The most common body type in France.

Type 4 – Saturnian body.

This body is chosen by Scholars. This type of body is governed by the pituitary gland, which regulates the skeletal system.

Physical characteristics:

Big bones, but a tall and slim body. Big and gnarled hands and feet, An elongated face, protruding cheekbones, protruding nose, square barks, and large teeth. Straight hair usually black or brown.

Advantages: self-control, leadership, diplomacy, modesty, tact.

Disadvantages: severity, restraint, self-depreciation, depression.

Examples: Henry Fonda, and Abraham Lincoln.

The most common body type in the USA.

Type 5 – Martial body.

The warriors choose this type of body. This type of body is governed by adrenal glands and self-preservation glands.

Physical characteristics:

Athletic, muscular, wiry, hard, slim body. Built for performance and durability. It develops thanks to exercise and hard work. It can withstand a lot of pain and abuse. Small eyes and small lips. Red or blond curly hair.

Advantages: directness, honesty, energy, passion, high sexuality.

Disadvantages: explosiveness, harshness, contentiousness, brutality, rudeness, noisiness.

Examples: John F Kennedy.

The most common body type in Ireland.

Type 6 – Jovian body.

The King usually chooses this type of body. This type of body is controlled by the pituitary gland, which affects maternal characteristics such as milk production and functions of the bladder and uterus.

Physical characteristics:

Body large, high, sometimes massive. A fleshy body. Bones and muscles are heavy. Short and thick neck. Medium brown to light brown wavy hair.

Advantages: generosity, loyalty, caring.

Disadvantages: leniency, conceit, extravagance.

Examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Oprah Winfrey.

The most common body type in Russia.

Type 7 – Solar body.

This body is usually chosen by the Priests. It is controlled by the thymus, regulating the immune system and growth.

Physical characteristics:

The body is usually medium to high. A delicate appearance. Long hands and feet. A youthful appearance usually looks younger than its age group. Oval face, wide forehead. Poor respiratory system. Straight light blond hair.

Advantages: radiance, creativity, lightness, cheerfulness, elegance, innocence.

Disadvantages: intolerance, naivety, indigestion, greed.

Examples: Judy Garland, and Michael Jackson.

The most common body type in Poland.

Lunar and Saturnian are types of bodies of inspiration. Jupiter and Mercury are body types of expression. Venusian and Martian are body types of action, and the Solar body type is neutral.

Each of the body types also has 3 attributes:

  • Positive (Saturnian, Jupiter, Venusian, Solar) and negative (Lunar, Mercurian, Martian) charge. People with a positively charged body are optimistic and ignore the negative, while people with a negative charge are more sensitive and notice any defect.
  • Male (Saturnian, Jupiter, Venusian, or female (Lunar, Mercurian, Martian) energy.
  • Active (Saturnian, Mercury, Mars, Solar) and passive (Lunar, Jupiter, Venusian) – active need more movement and have a faster metabolism than passive.


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Monika 15 March 2020 - 10:21

Zdecydowanie Solar. “Most common im Poland” 😉 tak, pasuje do mnie. Pierwszy raz spotykam się z takim podziałem ludzkich ciał.

Agata 15 March 2020 - 10:30

To tak jak ja! 🙂

Dalesco 08 March 2023 - 10:21

Hi Agata,

I know the body types through Susan Zannos’s book “The Human Types”. Do you know the combined types?

Agata Dzierżawa
Agata Dzierżawa 09 March 2023 - 12:36

No, I didn’t read the book.


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