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Childbirth and beliefs.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Childbirth and beliefs it is a picture of eyes.

We are all victims of violence in one way or another in all kinds of forms. As we become adults the acts of violence, we experienced in childhood we repeat against others.

We experience the first acts of violence in a certain way already at conception, inheriting the genetic traumas of our ancestors. Another thing we experience in the prenatal phase of the baby in the womb, when the stress hormones, i.e. cortisol from the mother’s body, is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta and umbilical cord. It affects the fetus from the very first days of conception, causing the first emotional blockages in the child’s body. The next are early childhood experiences. They all have a huge impact on our health and life satisfaction.

In this article you will learn:

  • Why you were born a certain way.
  • How the way you were born is responsible for your beliefs.

The desire to prevent maternally and child mortality during childbirth has turned this natural, primary, intimate, and family experience in women’s lives into a medical procedure performed primarily in hospitals. It was supposed to increase the sense of security of the mother in labor and improve the working conditions of medical personnel.

Meanwhile, apart from its undoubted advantages, it primarily resulted in the medicalization and dehumanization of this experience. The act of birth, as well as the act of death, has been made into an impersonal medical procedure from the mystery of transition between the worlds of the living and the dead. As a result, they deprived both of the experiences of spirituality, of respect for the forces of nature, which should only be supported by gentle actions. We lost our values ​​by focusing on achieving the goal.

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And yet, birth is, above all, the transition of a new soul to the plane of existence.

It is therefore a primarily spiritual and not medical experience. Obviously, such conduct has its consequences. They are the beliefs we have acquired in connection with our birth.

These beliefs are related to the mother’s stress during labor, the atmosphere of labor, noise, the amount of light, the number of people in the delivery room, and their emotions, screaming, pain, and fear. They shape your first birth experience. They are responsible for your first beliefs, recorded in your consciousness, which later in your life shape your reactions to the world. They are responsible for your vision of the world in which you live. Do you consider it a pleasant, supportive, and favorable place or, on the contrary, a Mordor in which nothing pleasant awaits you, except hard work, until you lose your strength to the very grave. They also affect the way you learn and build relationships.

Alienation and medicalization of childbirth make you lose faith in your own strength. So it is very important how the birth of a child is treated. The key is treating this moment as a natural and spiritual part of life and drawing on your own innate wisdom and trusting your body and your intuition.

All the circumstances of this experience are encoded in our cells on an unconscious level in the form of memories. The circumstances of the birth, as well as the date, the position of the child, the speed and type of delivery as well as complications or lack thereof, are important.

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Each of us chooses this and no other way to be born for some purpose.

Big children, to see and be connected to the big picture of the world. Born in a bonnet to keep the connection between the two worlds. Breech delivery to be different and have your own unique path. And those who were born through a sudden cesarean section, to know that there is a creative shortcut. Those who chose the planned cesarean section so that it would be easy to expect the best in everything and treat others with understanding and love.

Born dependent on the mother’s condition to be a joy, not a complication. Wrapped in an umbilical cord to trust that heart and mind are connected. Born under anesthesia to be aware that you can trust the connection with your Higher Self. Easy birth was for those who wanted to change their attitude to the past and challenge the saying you have to fight to survive. The quick birth was for those who were supposed to get the job done quickly.

Born in forceps delivery met those who wanted to cope with everything that life requires of them.

Postponed labor was for those who needed determination and determination in their actions. Induced labor was to teach you to be your own master. Delayed delivery was for those who had to learn the patience needed to complete a task before completing it. Birth with a near-death experience for those who want to learn unconditional love.

Normal birth happened to those who were to prove that no complications are needed in the world. Premature birth teaches that sensitivity is safe. Reverse birth teaches flexibility in life. Twin birth to stop fearing losing love. Being an unwanted child teaches you to like being wanted and accepted. And being the child of the wrong sex teaches you to get rid of your fear of being the wrong person.

See how the circumstances of your birth shape your beliefs and what affirmations you use to change them.

Type of deliveryBeliefsAffirmations
Big childrenI cannot implement “big plans”.
I surpass space and relationships.
I am disappointed with the limitations of others.
I am not satisfied with the results of my actions.
I have to please others.
As what I do develops, I end it with pleasure and joy.
As I grow and develop, everything grows and develops with me.
I love and accept others.
Every result is good, I am happy with what I get.
I accept my greatness and attract others who can cope with my asking for more.
Born in a “bonnet”I don’t trust others.
I need protection to feel safe.
I need to separate myself from the outside world.
I do not like changes. I am afraid of changes.
Others cheat on me when I go through changes.
I have to control my experiences.
Trust in others leads to success and reward.
I am safe, my safety lies in the delicacy of my psyche.
I can trust the outside world.
I love changes. I am safe whenever I change.
I am loved and supported by others whenever and wherever something changes.
I allow my “Higher Self” to remember what is good for me.
Breech deliveryI am different, therefore others do not accept me.
I feel stuck.
What is good for others does not seem to be good for them.
I have always right.
I do not know what to choose.
Others choose for me.
My otherness is good.
Others accept me as I am.
I am going forward with ease and confidence of success, and I feel good about it.
I have the right to my own choices, I am free, loved, and accepted regardless of my choices.
I am looking for gentle and easy ways to achieve what I want.
No matter what I choose, I will win.
I trust myself and my decisions. I trust that my choices bring me joy, love, and happiness.
Birth by caesarean section (emergency)My way is right.
I easily distract my attention from recommended tasks.
I feel incomplete.
I am worse than others.
I am overly sensitive to “abnormal” experiences.
I must seek affection and attention.
I am possessive.
I am flexible. Others also have methods that are good for me. We can all win.
I am happy to finish all tasks focusing on them.
I am whole and full.
I am great in my own way and so are others.
I am safe and protected by divine love at all levels.
I love and take care of myself.
I give others as much as I want to receive.
Birth by caesarean section (planned surgery)I have a feeling that everything is too well organized by me.
I have to make things easier for others.
I don’t know my worth and I don’t know why I’m here.
I have to fit into the plans and way of life of others.
I feel not important.
There is peace and harmony in my life.
I am one with my life, love, and myself.
I am just as important and valuable as the others.
I know my place and I realize myself with ease.
I am valuable to myself and others.
Born dependent on the mother’s conditionI have to react to what others are doing in life.
I attract people with whom something is wrong.
I am afraid for my own life and the lives of those closest to me.
I get anxious when something goes wrong.
I have to do more than my job.
I can let others do what is good for them.
I attract what works positively in the lives of others.
Love extends my life and I will live with love with someone who loves me.
I am safe and at ease.
I am enough and I am doing enough.
Born with an umbilical cord wrapped around their neckI feel pressure around my throat at times of stress.
I feel physical discomfort when something is in the area of ​​my neck.
I withdraw from events or relationships to save myself.
I can’t live my life to the fullest because it might kill me.
I feel no connection between my heart and my head.
I have difficulty showing my feelings.
I am open and free and I get as much out of life as I need.
I am connected to all life.
I love everything that exists.
I am safe, brave and I love to live.
I am open for my heart to guide my head.
The deeper my feelings are, the more free and safe I feel to express them.
Born with anaesthesiaI am lost in ignorance.
I feel a part of my life is missing.
The other person’s pain and fear are more important than I am.
I am not fully aware and awake.
Once the assignment has started, I need to step back and come back when everything is done.
I need to react emotionally when someone or something has more power over me.
The more I am aware that I don’t know, the closer I get to the answer.
I am whole and full.
I move forward in life with a calm, sense of goodness and importance that are appreciated by everything I come into contact with.
I am fully aware and awake to life and what is happening.
I have the courage, trust, and willingness to get involved in what I start.
Peace and harmony are in me and around me.
Born easilyI’m not worth the easy life.
I have to struggle to be accepted.
I have to work hard to earn my bread.
I have to fight for everything in my life.
I can’t live too easily.
I deserve to have an easy life.
People accept me, it is safe to do everything with ease.
It is safe to get paid for doing something easily and with pleasure. I am happy to get involved in an easier way.
I’m innocent. With love, I leave the guilt that it was easy for me.
Born quicklyI have the need and the pressure to do everything quickly.
I have to hurry to finish on time.
I feel in danger when something happens too quickly.
I have to hold back when something goes too fast.
The calmer I approach the time, the more pleasant it is for me and for others.
I can use all the time at my disposal.
It’s safe to be ready for the next step in life.
I’m going forward.
The pace of my life is advancing as it should.
Born in forceps deliveryI find that something is holding me back when I really want to be somewhere.
I have the impression that there is still something in my way.
I have to overcome my resistance to be free.
I feel reluctant to work and sabotage myself.
I have difficulty finishing things.
I am always where I want to be.
I can see my way clearly and move along it unhindered.
I am free and I move easily forward.
I live easily, without delay, and I love to live.
I easily finish what I started.
Born in induced laborI have a grudge against people entering my space.
The overabundance of information and events overwhelms me.
When the situation takes over, I feel overwhelmed.
I don’t know how to start, I need encouragement from others.
New things scare me and make me insecure.
It’s safe to share your space with others.
I am smart and I absorb all the information that comes to me with ease.
Everything happens to me in proper divine order.
I successfully deal with what I experience.
I am resourceful and active in initiating what I want.
I deal with change easily and effortlessly, I am relaxed and at ease no matter what is happening.
Delayed birthsPeople have to wait for me all the time. I’m still late.
I need to organize some extra activities to be late.
I have to check others’ readiness for my coming before I show up.
My lateness is necessary for my life.
My timing is right. I am strong and people accept me.
I’m always on time, in the right place, doing the right thing.
I am good as I am, I enjoy the recognition of others.
I am safe and others are ready to receive me.
I take responsibility for my timing and release the guilt that it may not be right for others.
Born with near-death experiencesI have the impression that the situation may “die”.
I feel like I’m dying because I’m alive.
Life is not worth living for me.
I am separated from life, from what it offers, and from other people.
I have a grudge against authorities.
I see life in every situation.
I’m here to live. The more fully I live, the more my death wish disappears.
It’s worth living for me. I deserve it and everyone knows it.
Feeling connected is the key to happiness.
I know what it takes to be here and now I do it with ease and love in my heart.
Born normallyI’m not important enough to attract the attention of others.
Everyone always expects me to deal with everything.
I have to act differently from everyone else to get their attention and be seen as meaningful and important.
I have to seek help constantly, instead of always having to cope on my own.
I am important in myself, everyone sees my radiant divine splendor.
I love and appreciate my ability to deal with everything.
I know my worth, I am important and significant, and I radiate it.
I enjoy the love and support I need when I need it.
Premature bornWhen it is bad, I have to leave the place, relationship, or work.
I withdraw when things don’t go my way.
I am tired of wanting to complete a given task.
I have to take on overwhelming projects that overwhelm me.
I am a burden and a burden to others, so I have to separate myself.
I have all the time I need to accept my environment as rich, beneficial, and supportive.
Everything that is present in my life provides me with as much love and livelihood as I need for development and change.
I finish all my tasks with lightness, gratitude, and respect.
I am good enough, I do enough, it fits all circumstances.
People like to give me, and I accept their gifts with love.
Reverse birthOthers want to steer me in the wrong direction.
I have to insist on my own when others impose their will on me.
I need a return of circumstances to be able to continue my life. Someone has to change the direction of my life.
I have to stick to my reason, which I could not present (for lack of possibility).
I know my true direction in life, I accept and appreciate those who help me move towards a better life.
I am open and flexible to new possibilities.
Change is safe and easy.
I can turn in any direction and stay focused on why I am here.
People accept me for who I am.
I show my ability to change with ease and grace.
Twins (multiple birth)I have to fight for my place in life.
I always need a game partner.
I have to separate myself from others to move forward.
Sometimes it feels good to share, and sometimes it means losing my identity for me.
I have to help my twins at any cost and at any cost.
I have the abundance and space I need to fully and easily develop.
I am the fullness of myself.
With love, I give and receive.
The more things I do with others unconditionally, the more multiplied they turn to me.
I trust that the creator will look after the other person. I am an individual and I am free to be myself.
“Unwanted” childrenI feel unaccepted.
I have a fear of being unwanted and of being wanted.
I can’t find my place, I feel lost.
People accept me.
I love and accept myself. It fits perfectly, I know where my place is.
Being with me is a joy. It’s safe to stay. I love being here.

Children of the “wrong” gender
I have to be right and do right with my friends and family.
I am afraid that I will not be loved as I am.
I feel guilty for not doing something right and fear that I will never do anything right in my life.
I am a misfit in the family.
I am perfect as I am.
I’m good enough.
I am accepted and loved as I am.
I am right for my soul and my life.
I am free and I can be myself.


Robyn Fernance “Being born… How your birth affects your learning performance lifestyle and relationship”, („Narodzić się… Jak okoliczności porodu wpływają na twoje życie.”), Wydawnictwo Newdawn, Warszawa, 2020

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Childbirth and beliefs. Childbirth and beliefs.

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