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Soul family.

by Agata Dzierżawa
Soul family is a gif showing black moving marks.

What is the soul family?

Do you know that your soul has a family? You are probably wondering how it is possible. Who is supposed to be its father and who is its mother? Where are the siblings from? This not a typical, stereotypical form of the family, as you think.

In this article:

  • You will meet the soul family and its internal roles.
  • You will learn how to recognize someone from your soul’s family in your life.

In addition to your primary role or soul archetype, you also have additional soul-level tendencies that affect your way of being. They are connected with the casting or the way in which unity changes into diversity. Therefore, when reading descriptions of soul types, you probably identify with a few of them.

Each of us, apart from having a type of soul, belongs also to the family or team of souls. Souls connect in groups whose common characteristic is the dominant role.

In your family of souls, everyone has the same dominant role. The family is also sometimes referred to as the cadence or casting of the soul.

Within one family, each member of this group has a separate role to play. This role is equal to the mentioned earlier archetypes of souls. It is the way consciousness naturally organizes itself, having 7 different ways of being that can interact with each other. So, every family has an acting cast consisting of 7 members. 

It results from the fact that first unity, everything that exists defragments and becomes a great collective of individual individuals, diversity, but also individual individuals integrate to create unity. 

Thus, we distinguish the following families/rhythms/groups and roles within each family together with specific functions of each member within the family:

A table with soul type, family and role within the family.

That’s how you feel more than one archetypal energy in yourself. Although you have one dominant (the core of your soul,  soul type) energy, you also have a second, secondary one, which is your role resulting from the function you perform within your soul family.

Not only is your soul thrown into positions within the group (family), but also your group (family) is filled in different positions in larger groups (families), etc. Ultimately, we all belong to the same infinitely large space family, but each of us has a unique place in it. You can also say that souls organize themselves into families, groups, clans, nations, etc. There are 7 members in each family, 7 families in each group, 7 groups in each clan, etc.

Creating billions of clones would have no value for the source. Instead, each individually evolving consciousness has an absolutely unique presence in the great system. A bit like every computer on the Internet has its own unique IP address.

The members of your soul’s family accompany you in your physical life. They work together for many lifetimes. Most often they gather around you throughout your life sharing the same mission and purpose. They support you, they understand. Usually, they appear in your life always at the right time. They may take the form of your real relative, friend, but not necessarily, but when you meet them, you feel connected to them in some way. As if they were your siblings, parents, or children.

How to recognize that you have met someone who is a member of your soul’s family?

  • When you meet such a person, you feel an immediate attraction to her, as if you knew her before.
  • You love this person right away and this feeling is reciprocal, rather in a spiritual way than romantic. This other person is also aware of the special kind of relationship between you and they likes your company.
  • You talk to such a person very well, you feel at ease with her you have a natural connection, a sense of familiarity, homeliness, and deep connection.
  • You discover that there are only a few degrees of separation between you and that person. It will turn out that you share the same friends and teachers, you have similar beliefs.
  • You feel understood by the person.

Why do you meet members of your spiritual family?

Your family members help you adapt to your soul’s purpose and accelerate your spiritual growth. They love you, nature, support, protect, and help you.

Most often, however, not all your family members incarnate at the same time. Those members, who are not embodied act as your spiritual guides during your physical life. They can visit you in your dreams, inspire you with your thoughts, and sometimes talk to you directly during meditation.


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