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Chakras where to begin?

by Agata Dzierżawa
Chakras where to begin it is a picture of eyes.

Chakras where to begin? Check it out.

The bridge between your subtle bodies and your physical body is the chakras. Chakras, where to begin? They are whirling energy centers through which life energy flows – prana, chi into the body. The chakras interact with this energy, convert it to the right frequency and make energy circulate, allowing all life processes to go on.

In this article you will learn:

  • What are chakras?
  • What feelings, colors, and glands are associated with.

The 7 most important chakras are located along your spine, from the tailbone to the top of your head. Each of them is located near the endocrine glands. They are also storage and energy relays. Each of them represents a different type of frequency.

The state of the chakras has a direct impact on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, as well as your spirituality.

Sometimes the chakras may be poorly developed, so life energy cannot flow freely through them and properly feed them. This results in various blockades. Sometimes, however, a chakra can be overactive, which means that energy does not spread harmoniously throughout the entire energy field but concentrates in that one chakra. This causes a small amount of energy in the remaining chakras. When the energy of the lower chakras is unbalanced, this causes disturbances in the functioning of the higher chakras.

Each chakra has certain qualities, personality traits, and colors assigned to it.

The colors of the chakras correspond to the colors of the rainbow – the light spectrum.

The first three chakras are associated with maintaining your identity separately. From the fourth chakra, you begin to rise beyond this separateness and begin to experience unity with everything that lives.

Base (Root) Chakra

The need to survive.

Red color

Gland: Adrenal glands

This chakra is associated with the basic level of consciousness – experiencing the greatest isolation from the universe. This is where the individualization process begins. This is your animal instinct. Your need for security. The environment in which you live, shelter, food, desire, and resources to secure your basic needs.

The feeling of chakra imbalance is uncertainty and anxiety.

Maintaining the balance of energy flow is grounding, through any activity that connects you to the Earth, e.g. gardening, sports, and barefoot walks.

Sacral Chakra

Pleasure seeking. Sex, sensuality, reproduction.

Orange color

Gland: reproductive glands

The task of this chakra is to enjoy the experience of life. Sex, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, drugs, and shopping madness come from this chakra.

The feeling of chakra imbalance is a lack of a sense of accomplishment, a desire to lose yourself in stimulating sensations, jealousy, fear of being attractive, and comparing yourself with others.

Maintaining a balance of energy flow is maintaining awareness and mindfulness while experiencing pleasure. It’s a passion and undertaking creative activity. Work on self-confidence and maintaining a positive self-image.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Ego, power.

Color: yellow

Gland: pancreas

Related to self-confidence, a sense of strength, and the awareness that you are an individual being with the ability to influence the world. Here you develop the moral and ethical principles and beliefs that you profess. This is where you develop self-control.

The feeling of imbalance in the chakra is abuse or insufficient use of willpower. Tendency to rivalry and conflicts. Adrenaline addiction or constant anger. Or feeling guilty when you say no, feeling of being a victim. The impression that you are being used by others. Feeling hopeless and lack of assertiveness.

Maintaining the balance of energy flow is about focusing your will on what you want and relaxing it to be able to enjoy your achievements.

Heart Chakra


Green color

Gland: thymus gland

Following the path of the heart. Joy, peace, and warmth. The purpose of this chakra is to experience love and a harmonious connection that surpasses all differences between you and others. This is where your self connects with the energy of the Universe. You begin to combine personal and spiritual life. You experience acts of grace. Moments of inner peace with yourself and the whole world. You start to like yourself and see yourself in every person you meet. Also, you always choose cooperation, not competition. You experience unconditional love. You find the purpose of your life.

The feeling of chakra imbalance is sentimentality. Problems with separating your problems from those of others. Interdependence or excessive attachment. And also problems with accepting the generosity of others or compassion and hypersensitivity to world suffering leading to regret and worry.

Keeping the balance of energy flow is about staying away from fear. Not paying attention to fear. On strengthening your faith.

Throat Chakra


Blue color

Gland: thyroid

The task of this chakra is self-acceptance of its own uniqueness in each of its manifestations. To achieve this, you start questioning everything you have believed so far. This leads to knowing and expressing one’s own unique truth. This creates creativity operating at a higher mental level. Expressing yourself in various forms of creative expression.

The awakening of this chakra begins with anxiety and shaking, which causes you to start questioning your life. It pushes you to connect with the collective mind, you will begin to understand things that you could not even imagine before. It releases creativity in you.

The feeling that the chakra is unbalanced is the need to constantly oppose others and prove the validity of one’s own views. Stiffness and inflexibility in expressing views lead to fanaticism. Inappropriate creativity is based on deception, coloring, and cheating. But also the inability to express oneself, creative blockade, or a sense of maladjustment, and uselessness.

Balancing energy flows is about working with energy. Helping others by stimulating them to question their current point of view.

Third Eye Chakra


Color: indigo

Gland: pineal gland

This chakra is associated with experiencing ideas and feelings in relation to the higher life force of which you are part. The desire for transcendence. Developing a point of observation of your commitment to life from the position of a witness, from a distance. Increased intuition. You become able to see and interpret the signs you receive as messages from the Universe. Realizing the existence of a huge reality from which you can draw energy. You see the divinity and harmonize with it. You go beyond the bipolarity of consciousness. Nothing is for you either white or black anymore, you can see all views at once. You begin to enter the astral plane of existence.

The feeling of chakra imbalance is a doubting mind that draws your consciousness back to earth or guilt. And also taking the imagination away from mundane reality. Losing yourself in the astral plane leads to permission for fear to overwhelm you. States of loss of consciousness.

Maintaining the balance of energy flow is based on visualizations, trust in the Universe, and spiritual practices.

Crown Chakra


Color: purple or white

Gland: pituitary gland

Pure cosmic energy, the desire to experience divinity. You begin to give away the energy you borrowed from the Universe to unite your personal experience with collectivity. This is an extremely rare experience for most people.

The feeling of the imbalance of the chakras is living a life rooted in a separate reality. Trying to manage your life from an ego point of view instead of submitting to the current of life. Entrusting false gurus and wrong teachings. Maintaining the balance of energy flow is about holiness, that is, harmonizing with God’s will. You can experience it, but such peak experiences are, however relatively rare and rather very short. They are only flashes of divine consciousness.

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