How to recognize the age of your soul?

by Agata
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Age of the soul.

You’ve probably met someone who seemed a lot more mature to you than his age record showed. Maybe you even heard the term “old soul”. Or maybe you met someone who despite the gray hair, on their head behaved like a kid and scared you with their infantilism. This types of behavior are often simply a manifestation of the soul’s age.

As you already know, each soul undergoes the process of evolution. Reincarnating in different bodies, the soul collects experiences and lessons that it carries with it throughout the entire cycle of reincarnation. This means raising awareness. Gradually going through different levels or stages of consciousness. The course of soul development is called the soul’s age.

The age of the soul refers to the experiences a person has made of living on the planet, not just how many life’s they lived.

However, the experiences are not accidental. At each subsequent stages, the soul learns a specific thing. Starting from existence in physical form, survival, by adapting to the rules that govern the physical world, discovering it independence, emotionality and returning to the spirituality.

During the incarnation cycle, each soul undergoes five stages of the soul in the physical plane:

Stage 1: The Infant Soul.

A picture of a baby.

The main goal of this stage is survival. The souls on this stage are the novices of physical existence. This is associated with a large load of fear that drives that soul. Their life experience is simple, earthy, primitive and mystical. It mainly depends on the current satisfaction of needs, lacking any deeper motivation.

The lesson that these souls must learn is mainly about existence and survival.

In developed societies souls of this type live usually on the edge of society because they don’t understand morality and ethics. Instead, they have very good contact with nature and a sense of unity with God.

Such souls are found in countries: Ethiopia, New Guinea, Cambodia, areas close to the equator.

Stage 2: The Baby Soul.

A picture of a kid.

The main task of this stage is to adapt to the rules and habits of living in an orderly, civilized society.

At this stage, human life no longer focuses on everyday physical survival, but on participation in a social structure that provides order, security and sense of belonging.

The souls on this stage have the need for structure and live in accordance with convictions based on dogma such as religious fundamentalism and strict rules. They are very conservative and patriotic. Tradition and family are value for them. They prefer a simple life and are not interested in spirituality or existential problems. They enforce law and order and rigidly defined roles including gender roles. Their lives focus on morality, organized social groups.

The main lessons focus here on the reconciliation of the individual’s direct will with a greater collective will. These souls perceive others as the same as me and may feel confused and upset when others behave differently than expected.

Such souls are found in countries: Iran, Iraq, Haiti, Middle East

Well-known souls from this level: Adolf Hitler, Richard Nixon

Stage 3: The Young Soul.

A picture of a teenager.

At this stage, the soul frees itself from its limiting structures. It discovers and expresses its individuality, practices free will, discovers the power of independence of thoughts and action.

These souls tend to be ambitious, materialistic and highly driven. They are successful and set high standards of personal achievement. Young souls learn to influence the world and perceive others as those they can influence. Their life experience is competitive, hard-working, independent, motivated by profit, winning and striving for everything that leads to wellbeing.

They are afraid of aging, the natural collapse of their bodies, they do their best to preserve their status and appearance. Fashion and prestige Are very important to them. They have a strong tendency to compare with others and like to impress others. They are often workaholics. The sense of the self of the young soul is a unit that competes with other individuals. They are very critical of themselves. They like to collect experiences.

These souls are found in countries: USA, China, Israel, UAE

Well-known souls from this level: Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bill Clinton, Silvio Berlusconi, Eminem, Beyonce

Stage 4: The Mature Soul.

A picture of an adult.

The mature soul begins to notice that something is missing in life. They begins to ask themselves questions about who they are. They are interested in spirituality. Achievements and prestige no longer give them a sense of happiness. At this stage, life goes beyond individual independence and is based on discovering how to live interdependently with others.

It involves taking otherness, other perspectives, other people, other cultures, and other parts of one’s own being. These souls are relationship-oriented and tend to gravitate towards emotional drama. These souls delve into their inner world and examine kinship, they can feel the things of other people and perceive them as their own. They focus on being sensitive, cooperative and authentic. They focus on exploring the true nature of the self, life and especially others. Another perspective is just as important as theirs for them. At this stage, there is the development of empathy, appreciating other experiences with other perspectives.

These souls are found in the following countries:  UK, Austria, Italy

Well-known souls from this level: Barack Obama, Tony Blair

Stage 5: The Old Soul.

A picture of an old lady.

An old soul begins to notice that something is missing in life. They begins to ask themselves questions about who they are. They are interested in spirituality. Achievements and prestige no longer give them a sense of happiness. The last stage of reincarnation. At this stage of the soul’s development, there is a search for balance and completion and the willingness to pass the torch before the reincarnation is completed.

These souls are looking for a wider perspective of life, less interested in the material side of life, more spiritual. They have a more philosophical approach to life. They promote the motto live and let others live.

Their life experience is more calculated, detached from the emotional intensity, spiritually oriented and sometimes even a little lazy. The main task of this stage is learning to co-exist and mutual connections, taking responsibility for their relationships, honoring differences and otherness. Finding unity in diversity. They have very good intuition.

The old soul already has a well-developed sense of independence and interdependence and feels the need to reconnect with a larger order of things, the cosmic unity.

The soul is no longer interested in success or fame, it prefers to do something that loves, and which brings inner satisfaction. It lives with its real potential. At the end of this stage, the soul emphasizes teaching, communicating what it has learned, showing others the way.

These souls are found in the following countries: Iceland, Netherlands, Finland  

Well-known souls from this level: Buddha, Jesus, Dalai Lama, Carl Jung, Morgan Freeman

How to recognize the age of your soul?

The best is to do it in the second half of your life. Because earlier, when it is in the period of shaping your identity, you can have a distorted picture of yourself. The decisions you make in the first half of your life can often be misleading and it will be difficult for you to clearly determine how old your soul is.

Why do you need the information about your soul age?

Chart showing % of soul age in world population.

As the chart above shows, the majority of the population today are young souls, oriented towards themselves, their own comfort and success. Infant and old souls are the least.

All conflicts between people result from the fact that each of us had a different lesson to learn because we are at a different stage of soul development. Knowing the age of your soul, you will understand why with some people you don’t have anything in common. The young soul will never understand the old one, because how can a materialist understand someone for whom spiritual life is important? The age of the soul will allow you to understand why sometimes you feel rejected, misunderstood, not matching the rest, or emotionally dry, rough – these are the characteristics of an old soul. It will also help you to understand the motivations of others and differences in behavior. You will understand where your emotionality comes from – the quality of mature souls. This will make it easier for you to interact with other people.

Read the descriptions for each stage again. Do you already know how to recognize the age of your soul?


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