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What is Human Design?

by Agata Dzierżawa
What is "Human Design" is a human architectural design drawing.

Project Human- find out what Human Design is.

You are unique. You are one of a kind.

Well, so many different typologies, and how to find yourself? What exactly sets you apart from others? It would be nice as if someone gave you ready instructions of yourself with in-depth insight into your psyche so that you know exactly how you function. The best includes information about your consciousness and subconsciousness. Dreamer? Not necessarily. A system called ‘Human Design can help you here.

In this article you will learn:

  • What “Human Design” is.
  • Its construction.
  • What information it provides.
  • What types divide people depending on the type of aura: Generator, Projector, Manifestor, Reflector.
  • How to make decisions in Human Design: Emotional, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Environmental, Self Design, Lunar Cycle, and Ego Authority.

Do you know that each of us was coded at our birth? All information about you has been saved in your genetic code.

What is Human Design? Let’s find out.

In the 80s, Ra Uru Hu (Alan Krakower), a former advertising director and magazine publisher, received an eight-day channeling of the nature of the Universe (including neutrinos) in which the “voice” dictated to him a mechanical system that explains how a person works in accordance with their time and place of birth. Up to this point, Alan Krakower was a skeptic with experience in physics and did not believe in anything mystical.

This system is called Human Design. It is a mathematical chart that combines knowledge of the ancient sciences of astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system with modern science – quantum physics and the construction of the human genetic code.

The foundation of this system is knowledge of neutrinos, i.e. elementary particles with infinitely low mass. They pass through every square meter of our planet carrying information. The Sun produces them in 70 % but also other stars of our galaxy, as well as the planet Jupiter. Because these particles have an infinitely low mass, they leave information in us while penetrating us. So, they are a source of information that imprint upon us the information transmitted by the stream of neutrinos through the planets. The imprint is always unique and will never happen again. This imprint you can see on your Human Design graph contains knowledge to understand your true nature, potential, and forms of interaction. They are the source of one of your imprints.

Construction of Human Design Chart

This system uses your birth data to calculate your Human Design Chart and Your Body Graph, which is a graphical illustration of the energy flow in your body, as well as a plan of action and interaction with the world. This graph shows your definition and your openness by using the exact time and place of your birth.

The Human Design chart looks like this:

Human Design Graph -it is an example of the graph, body map with shapes, and mandala.
An example of a Human Design chart created by “The Human Design Collective”, „What Is Human Design?”,

Definition – that is what is established and reliable in you. Presented with the right color on the graph reveals who you are and how you express your characteristics and skills. It stays consistent throughout your life.

On the other hand, openness, i.e. everything that is white in the chart (does not show in color), where you are susceptible to external conditions. Shows where you have to be open to life. And where do you make decisions that do not result from your true self? They are determined by a system of 9 centers presented on the chart in the form of shapes located on the Body Graph:

  • Head (inspiration)
  • Ajna (conceptualization)
  • Throat (communication)
  • G (identity, self-love)
  • Heart (willpower)
  • Solar plexus (emotions)
  • Sacral (life force, sexuality)
  • Spleen (intuition)
  • Root (stress, drive)

Each of these centers has its own biological correlation, e.g. the root connects to the adrenal glands.

Inside the centers, there are gates that are seen as entry and exit points and establish the flow of communication between the centers. The system distinguishes 64 such gates, they correspond to 64 hexagrams in I-Ching. T

What information does Human Design provide?

This system provides insight into human psychology, including strategy and techniques for making decisions, entering into relationships, natural talents, and even such details as nutrition, sleep, and the environment that will support them.

Every human is born with a perfect pattern for them. Everyone has a purpose for which they were created, their own talents, and the magic that they brought into this world. The body map in Human Design is a map of our genetic code showing how we should engage our life force and energy in the world. This system provides two main sets of tools – Strategy and Authority, which will allow you to make decisions most compatible with who you are.

Types of aura – types of people in Human Design

Human Design describes people according to five types depending on the mode of action and according to decision-making strategies. These types are equivalent to human aura:

Generators – it is the dominant type, it constitutes 70% of humanity, there are builders, and creators of the world. They generate a huge dose of creative energy. Their strategy is to answer, as opposed to initiation. Their feature is to avoid and find satisfaction. They have a very open aura that constantly attracts life to them in order to understand themselves.

Projectors – 20% of humanity, guides, wait until they are recognized and invited to cooperate. They have a very focused and penetrating aura that allows them to look deeper into others and understand them better. Their feature is to avoid bitterness and find success.

Manifestors – 10% of humanity, they are natural leaders and initiators of activities. Their strategy is to inform the environment about their decisions before taking action. Their task is to avoid anger and find peace in order to understand their influence on others. They have a very closed and repulsive aura. Which causes an imbalance in relationships with others and makes others want to control them. When the manifestor shares with others, it naturally removes this energetic resistance.

Reflectors – 1% of humanity, its task is to delight in and wander the world. Their strategy is to wait for the full lunar cycle with a decision. The characteristic feature is to avoid disappointment and find surprises. Their resistant aura tries to the energy around it and reflects it. The greatest gift is reading to others and their environment. In their view is to see the differences.

This system explains how you interact with others.

How do we all act as one efficient organism? The Manifestor is to come up with a project and tell others about it, the Generator is to implement it, the Projector is to advise how to do it, and the Reflector is to evaluate the result.

It explains why some people attract you, others repel you, and others are indifferent to you, Shows how the aura defines you and how it affects everyone you meet in your life, and how others experience you.

Human Design is also based on the flow of male and female energy. It uses two different calculations: Personality (consciousness) and Design (subconscious).

Decision-making methods in Human Design

It also shows how you make decisions. If you follow the hint of the brain or if you listen to the intelligence of your body. It defines these ways by Authority. Inner authority (body) determines life, while Outer authority (mind) expresses a unique being conditioned by consciousness.

Types of authority according to Human Design:

Emotional – it affects 47% of humanity and acts as a constantly moving emotional wave. It means that they make decisions when there is little or no nervousness.

Sacred – applies to less than 35% of humanity, and consists in waiting for something or someone to appear in your field so that you can decide. It reveals itself with a spontaneous sound or movement of the body towards something.

Solar Plexus – affects 11% of humanity and is characterized by an intuitive sense of the moment. 

Environmental (not internal) – concerns 3 % of humanity, which means making decisions based on information received through the senses.

Self-designed – it concerns 3 % of humanity concerns Projectors whose truth is expressed through the core of their identity.

The lunar cycle – affects 1% of humanity, Spotlights who make decisions by receiving information from their connection to the lunar cycle.

Ego – it concerns 1% of humanity, it consists in making decisions spontaneously, at the moment under the influence of voice in the body.

The purpose of Human Design

 The chart also has 192 incarnation crosses that determine your purpose on Earth, they come from a combination of the position of the Sun and Earth. And also 16 variables describing how to receive, process, and filter information and how it determines your perspective. And 12 profiles with 6 basic roles that deepen your knowledge of what makes you different from others.

The Human Design system is a road map of self-knowledge. It allows you to improve the quality of your life through the decisions you make and the direction you follow.

To get a detailed chart, it’s best to visit a professional consultant who can interpret charts.

You can also try the overall chart using the mobile application:


Prepared on the basis of materials available on the articles and videos page, Ra Uru Hu, 1999

Human Design Collective”, „What Is Human Design?”,

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