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How to be beautiful internally?

by Agata Dzierżawa
A graphic how to be beautiful internally depicting a pig.

So you are wondering how to be beautiful internally?

Nowadays, we all care about the look. We all want to be beautiful. We all want to be eternally young. Nobody likes to think of themselves as “aging”. We artificially move the border of aging from year to year. It is particularly hard for women who find it difficult to maintain a balance in a culture that adores youth and beauty and does not seem to accept the concept of beauty without youth. But does anyone think about how to be beautiful internally?

In this article, you will learn what makes you beautiful internally.

Unfortunately, however, your body will slow down over time and then it will fail more and more. Your intellect will lose its shape. And you will be forced to face the most difficult human reality: you will understand, not only intellectually, but also existentially that you will die. You will find that we have an absolute lack of power over existence. It will invite you to explore the world of spirit.

You will find out that what really counts is the soul that is hidden under all kinds of disguises. It is invisible. A real beauty that will not disappear, which can be taken away, and which is visible only with the eye of the soul – with the heart. Only your behavior shows who you really are.

“You can see only with your heart. The most important is invisible for eyes.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

True beauty lies in doing. Realizing this is extremely important for your self-esteem.

So how would you act so that your soul will bloom? How to make it beautiful?

You can do this by developing an appropriate attitude towards others based on kindness, love, and respect and understanding the unity of all beings.

How to do it?

Be kind.

Straight from your heart, truly. Try to think well about others and find good in each of them. Stop judging, blaming, condemning, and criticizing others. Do not gossip. Act as if everything you see in someone was just good. Pay attention to the goodness of others and tell them how much you appreciate it.

Try to help others spontaneously.

Support others. Give your seat to the old woman in public transport, let the pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing, instead of pretending that you do not see them approaching, help someone buy a ticket in the machine when you see that they cannot handle it, etc. Give without expecting anything in return.

Work on your manners and start using them.

Be polite and caring. Do not just care about your own comfort, think about the comfort of others. You are not the navel of the world. Respect others and try not to focus all attention only on yourself. Do not swear. Watch out for what you say to not hurt someone. Do not raise your voice. Apologize and thank others when necessary.

Compliment the others.

Do it honestly and truly. Do not overdo it. Look for real deeds, talents, and strengths to praise them. Try to ignore the weakness of others.

Be tolerant and understanding.

Learn to see people as indispensable and natural diversity, not as “we” and “them”. Just because you do not agree with someone, or you do not like their lifestyle, it does not mean that they are worse than you or bad. Do not be afraid of others. Be open and interested. You are not alone in the world. Accept people as they are instead of trying to change them in your way. Always try to see the bigger picture not just your own point of view.

Sympathize, be empathic.

Notice somebody’s pain or problem. Show them understanding. Reach out your hand. Show that you are there for them, that you are not indifferent to their fate and suffering.

Be grateful.

Know what’s good in your life and appreciate it. Even in difficult moments try to find something positive, what you can focus on what you can be grateful for. Even something small.

Forgive others.

Without hearing the word “sorry” instead.

Be responsible.

Admit to your mistakes. Take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your choices. No matter if you are ashamed of them, would you rather forget about them and pretend they never happened? Do not try to pass the blame on others or on circumstances. You have the right to make mistakes. Everyone commits them. Be responsible for your life. For what is good in it and for what is bad and grow up in wisdom. 

Keep your emotions under control.

Know that it is okay to have emotions, but do not let them control your behavior. Learn to release your negative emotions constructively. Do not let them affect how you treat another human being. Do not let them shape your character.

How to be beautiful internally? Be positive.

Infect others with optimism.

Stop treating everything with deadly seriousness. Work on your sense of humor. Smile at strangers, laugh at yourself. From time to time, let yourself be silly, and free your inner child. 

Take care of other creatures.

Life is a miracle in every form. Treat animals with respect. They live their lives on the same planet as us. Make wise and informed choices. Do not underestimate their lives. Start recognizing yourself in all being. We are all one. Fill your heart with love and compassion for all creatures.

How to be beautiful internally? Note the beauty.

Especially the beauty in the simple things around you and the people around you.

Be modest and have humility in yourself.

Life is not revolving just around you. Do not compete with others, do not compare yourself. Do not ask for praise. Be proud of yourself, but do not demand recognition of your successes from others. Do not be exalted. You are unique and one of a kind, but you are also part of a community where each person has unique talents and abilities. And each of these people is just as important as you are, there is no hierarchy except the one created in our minds. 

Do everything as best you can.

Be an example. Shine. And when people appreciate it, do not let their recognition go to your head.

And when nobody appreciates your effort, accept this fact because you do not need the validation of others to do everything you can the best way. Let your deeds speak for themselves. Do not boast about your achievements on social media and do not measure the value of your life by the number of likes on Facebook.

Be honest, authentic, and delicate.

Be who you are and do not depend on it on who you are. 

How to be beautiful internally? Be fair.

Build relationships based on trust. Do not lie. Do not cheat yourself or others.

Accept and love yourself as you are at the moment.

Be your best friend of yourself. When you love yourself, you also have love to offer to others.

Do you know already how to be beautiful internally?

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