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The Ego-Driven World.

by Agata Dzierżawa
The world controlled by the ego is a picture showing facebook likes and the man in the mask.

What is the ego-driven world?

Nothing in the world happens without a reason. We are all connected to the highest spiritual level of consciousness. We are all one, so all your actions also affect the rest of the world. This also applies to your ego. It shapes not only your individual life but also the whole world. How? See below the ego-driven world.

In this article you will learn: 

  • How the ego works on specific examples. 
  • What the ego of the world and the collective egotism are. 
  • How your ego affects the outside world.

The ego attaches itself and identifies you with your personal story.

When you identify with thinking about yourself in the category of me and my story, you start functioning in the ego mode. You begin to see life through the prism of division. This is called black-and-white thinking. It causes you to start fighting for your bounders and survival. You fall into the trap of your own ego and begin to see others as a threat to you.

You start competing with others, comparing yourself with them, criticizing and slandering. Looking for compliments and applause.

Your Ego says: “You are better.”

You begin to strive to be noticed and better than others in every aspect of life and field. This leads to a constant race for a “better” life. You still need to have more and better than others. A better car, the latest phone model, a larger TV set, a higher salary, better education, or a more beautiful home. That’s why you keep accumulating things and falling into shopaholism. You still have to be smarter, more talented, funnier, and smarter than others. You must have the most interesting hobbies, the coolest outfits, the shapeliest butt, and the sexiest body.

Only you have to do the most original things and go on the most exotic holidays. You must have the best school results, marathon time, and the highest numbers on your bank account. The more exclusive and elite things the better. And then you report in detail on all possible social networks your achievements in order to get as many likes and followers as possible. Everyone is to admire and envy you. You must impress everyone. And when the number of likes in your opinion is insufficient, you suffer.

Your Ego is looking for flattery.

The number of likes, praise, and flattery is never enough. You still feel the lack and want more and are never completely satisfied. You care about the opinions of others to build up your self-esteem. Your needs are never met. It never ends the battle for dominance.

Your unmet needs fuel the global economy, which devours resources without hesitation. Fuel, water, food, forests…

I Exhale Artist: Underworld Album: Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future Writers: Kenny Young
Clips from the incredible movie “Samsara” by Ron Fricke.

Unlimited consumption, however, has a side effect in the form of waste. This waste is bought by third-world countries, stored anywhere, or exported to the middle of the oceans. Excessive production causes global warming, melting glaciers, smog, environmental pollution, and civilization diseases. It leads to outsourcing, i.e. acquiring the cheapest workforce, using others to murderous work in difficult conditions for the least money. Only so that you can meet your next need, and someone who will help you meet it well will make money on it to build their ego.

Your Ego knows no empathy.

The desire to impress with other holiday photos leads to excessive tourism. Trampling down nature, and historical treasures, using others who have to look after you on the other side of the world for small money. And you don’t even show minimal empathy for them. You flaunt your riches without worrying about them barely making ends meet. And it is not even the curiosity of others or the world that leads you over there but the need for adding another country and place to your list of places you have been to.

Often you don’t even listen to what the local guide has to tell you absorbed in conversations with another pseudo-tourist and bidding on the number of places visited. This leads to such idiotic situations as a two-week travel marathon between Asia and Africa … Because you need to add as many places to the collection in the shortest possible time. You don’t care about the amount of fuel burned during your flight, because planes still fly. And the saying that the demand turns the supply is completely foreign to you.

Your Ego is claimable.

Even information about a drought in Cape Town during your stay there does not go to your conscience. 2 km from you, someone is standing with a water tank for drinking water and you mindlessly turn on the full shower faucet, despite information in the hotel about the reasonable use of water in this situation. You see nothing but the tip of your nose. You sweat, so you have to bathe the way you like and you don’t pay attention to this at home either. Global warming, drought in Poland? Relaxing baths with wine and a book, long meditations in the shower. You waste water without thinking because you have the right to do it, you can afford the water bill. Pouring water is your right and it isn’t anybody’s business.

You feel entitled to everything and privileged in everything. You have a demanding attitude towards the whole world.  You deserve everything from life, and if someone disagrees with it, or circumstances make it different you have a grudge against the whole world and constant dissatisfaction. You don’t pay attention to the needs of others or the world. You use everything and everyone because you have the right to do so. You have the right to love, romance, and whims, and you do not pay attention to whether it hurts someone, or if you build your happiness on someone’s misfortune. Only you and your feelings count.

Your Ego judges others.

Of course, being the best is not enough for you, because you have to start judging others, and it’s best to deprecate their achievements immediately to have a better background. To the extent that, for example, you are only friends with ugly friends, in your opinion, to have a better background for your beauty. You gossip, give opinions, or even troll on the internet. Of course, anonymously, because your ego would not allow someone to criticize you. You generalize everything.

You go to manipulation and control everything and everyone. Because of the fact that you are the best is not enough. Your partner must be perfect, the smartest child, the funniest friend. And you have to kick everyone else ass. You are possessive, jealous, and envious. You project your expectations onto others expecting that they will meet your standards and wishes. You are looking for meaning and happiness in external things.

You enjoy the failures of others. You are interested in the lives of others to control the situation.

You must be right in everything. Your point of view is the only correct point of view.

Your Ego is looking for acceptance.

Because ego gives you the impression of powerlessness and low self-esteem, you start looking for acceptance from others.

From here, it’s only a step to the collective egotism of the so-called ego of the world, i.e. loyalty to a group or ideology (political, religious, tribal, corporate, racial, sport, or national).

You start looking for consolation to satisfy your own lack of confidence and seek acceptance from others. You join a specific social group to satisfy your powerlessness and strengthen your self-esteem through identification or group membership. You begin to believe in another illusion that you are not a whole with all people, but a part of a community made up of separate, unequal groups of people. Of course, always the group you identify with is better and always right.

The need for social acceptance begins to rule your life. You label people, sometimes even repress them. You don’t trust others, but you care about their opinions. Belonging to a specific group and feeling of being “right” gives you strength. You start playing the game “we against others”. You start to create a collective identity to strengthen your value. Your ego needs the outer world to feel something and to have a purpose.

Who would the racists be without other races? Who would the left wing be without the right wing? Who would believers be without non-believers?

When you fall into the trap of collective ego, you stop feeling unity and equality with humanity. You start to divide the world into yours and strangers, which leads to conflicts, hierarchical power structure, inequality, prejudice, bigotry, racism, sexism, colonialism, superiority, division, lack of empathy, and wars. Your ego is beginning to have an increasingly destructive impact on society and the whole world.

Your Ego says: “Success is your merit and failure is the result of external action.”

You begin to create an impersonal enemy who you blame for your failures. They makes your life difficult. It was because of them that you didn’t get to your dream university. It is because of them that you have to stay longer at work to finish testing the new computer program. They is taking revenge on you. They cut you off at the intersection or jumped right under the wheels of your car. They spend the money from your taxes, they should do something about it, they pollute the environment, and they litter. You are always perfect, you give everything from yourself, you have nothing to complain about, and the world throws you at your feet. You find one justification after another.

Your Ego loves dramas.

And then you dramatize to feel important. you are making a disaster that is ruining your life from a small problem. You feel sorry for yourself and fall into the position of a victim. You seek compassion for others. It is only you who always face suffering and tragedies. Only you are still uphill and only you are always blown by the wind. You’re still complaining. Only you are sick, only your parents grow old, only your partner has hard work, only you are tired.

You react emotionally and take everything personally. You easily feel offended about everything.

You don’t like being alone unless you have some distractions that will allow you to run away from yourself. Even in the background playing music or a TV set, so that only you would not hear yourself. You don’t like self-reflection. You analyze everything too much. Every comment, attention. Everywhere you are looking for a double bottom and attack on yourself. You worry. And then you feel guilty. You are obsessed with what you should or must do. You focus on the past or future at the expense of the present. You ponder or plan non-stop.

You don’t like changes. You are lazy and comfortable. You give nothing to the world.

Your ego’s task is to protect you against death but paradoxically it pushes you toward it. Instead of getting enough sleep, taking care of your body’s hydration, and proper nutrition of each cell, you order ready-made box diets out of convenience and laziness.

You entrust your health to someone’s hands. You produce tons of garbage. You are deceiving yourself that what you eat, although prepared a few days earlier is as nutritious and tasty as a freshly prepared meal.

You are not listening to yourself.

You also do sport to impress others with your results, forcing your body to over-exertion, load, and ignore any injuries. Murderous marathons, mountain runs. You don’t let your body rest. You don’t listen to your body because you have little contact with yourself. You quench its shy opposition in the bud. You take painkillers in bulk. You don’t care that by eliminating pain you immediately mask the real cause of pain and weaken the overall immunity of your body. You postpone only illness.

You also don’t have time to get sick, after all, every day of absence from work is a chance to fire you at the earliest opportunity. And this is a threat to your ego. So you go to work, delaying your recovery, weakening the body, and, at the same time, infecting others. But why would you care?

You work to earn money for all your needs. You live under constant stress.

The only relaxation you have is when you open a bottle of wine every evening because you deserve it.

You are afraid to think and have your own opinion, because someone may accuse you that you are wrong, or maybe that you are not as intelligent as you wanted to be. Or it will undermine your competencies. So you prefer to mindlessly repeat someone else’s opinions. You are looking for authorities to support your arguments. Or you just follow the rest. You put another overlay on your Facebook profile picture so you don’t just stand out from the rest. Or you copy another currently fashionable news item on your social media. It strengthens your ego. You feel somebody.

Your ego rules the world.

And you don’t wonder that all people like you are fueled by their own ego. Each of them so lets the ego take control of their life and no longer remembers who they really are and why they are here.

The Oxfam report says that half of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 1% of the population. 2,153 richest people in the world have more money than 4.6 trillion poorer. The main problem is not the crowds of the poor, but a handful of the rich, smaller but too greedy.

The pursuit of a better life made us measure the world with numbers. Nobody finds vaccines or medicine for altruistic reasons anymore. Only from the reason for the so-called maximizing shareholder profit, i.e. the amount of money in the pockets of a small group of people. Nobody carries out scientific research (except maybe a small group of enthusiasts that no one will ever hear about) out of curiosity about the world, because there are no sponsors for it. Each scientific project must be presented with ROI (Return of Investment), i.e. financial return plans, before being financed. All to meet the needs of somebody’s ego.

Nobody publishes objective information. The media are trained perfectly in managing your ego.

And then just any virus drives your fear. And rightly so. You have something to fear because you don’t take care of yourself every day. You believe everything that your ego deems appropriate.

And viruses are and will be and it’s up to you how your immunity can handle them. Of course, it is easier and more convenient to wait for the invention of the vaccine or tablet. But really your fate is in your hands. Our fate is in your hands.

Until you understand that you can change the world by working on yourself and your character, you’ll be in fear.

Of course, your ego will do everything to reject this information. Postpone, because uncomfortable. The Ego doesn’t like to be identified and doesn’t like working on itself.

The Ego likes to boast only of results. How awake I am. How I perfectly identify matrix operation. What wonderful mystical experiences I have had in Bali, I wish you were here. How I love myself. Oh, if you loved you so much, if only you would live from the heart like me.

Meanwhile, you don’t need exotic trips or mystical ceremonies to grow spiritually. It takes desire and daily hard work on yourself. Identifying the mechanisms of your ego, seeing it as it is. Recognizing ego programs, silencing the mind. Practicing compassion and gratitude. Everyday ordinary self-care. This is the greatest strength you have.

The ego is not something negative or bad. The paradox is that it is both a significant and harmful force in our lives. It is an important source of prosperity, but also a cause of scarcity.

It is your responsibility to see what is happening in your life. Intervene by consciously reprogramming unconscious patterns and negative tendencies. Being an aware observer of your thoughts, emotional reactions, and sensory perception. Awakening from the hypnotic trance of identification with ego. Rising above the problems of living with peace and a sense of detachment. Non-conflict.

The surest way to work to improve the world we live in is to be aware, mentally, and emotionally stable. Do not delay Start now. Everything is in your hands.

Your ego rules the world.

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”

Mahatma Gandhi


The world controlled by the ego is well portrayed in the films of Ron Fricke “Barka” and “Samsara”. If you haven’t seen it highly recommend and encourage you to watch it.
You can see parts of the movie “Samsara” in the video clip above.

There is also a good explanation of the word here.

Anon I Mus “What is the Ego?“,

“Time to care. Unpaid and underpaid care work and the global inequality crisis” written by Clare Coffey, Patricia Espinoza Revollo, Rowan Harvey, Max Lawson, Anam Parvez Butt, Kim Piaget, Diana Sarosi, Julie Thekkudan, Oxfam Report 2020

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