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by Agata Dzierżawa
Birthday is a collage of blog graphics.

This month we are celebrating our first birthday!

So, it’s been a year since our blog was created! “A Journey to Yourself” first birthday! Happy Birthday to us!

In this article, you will find a brief summary of the blog’s year of activity.

At this point, as a financial analyst, I should present to you a whole range of numbers and analyses from Google Analytics to show off the results and feed my own ego.

I won’t do it because just as my blog evolves, I also evolve the same. So, I don’t need to get excited about numbers …

Thank you very much!

Instead, I would like to thank you all for having accompanied me bravely for a year on this difficult but very exciting journey. Thank you for your energy and trust you give me. For all comments, emails you send to me, likes on FB and Instagram. It’s really very nice and adds wings. It shows that all this work makes sense a blog with this topic is needed.

Almost the whole world is reading us and not only women!

I enjoy it enormously and it gives me hope that there is a chance for us. It shows that there are people who care about the future of our world and understand that only by working on ourselves we are able to do something about it.

I also thank Maja that she illustrates my stories so beautifully and programs my and your subconscious mind with her sense of aesthetics. Each of her works is completely different from the previous one and very original. All of them are inspired by my articles and are created especially for our blog. She impresses me with her creativity every time I get her job. She has created 52 pieces until now and she still has fresh ideas! Do you believe it?

 A little bit about me.

It was quite a difficult year for me personally. Firstly, because it is not easy to switch from living under the command of ego, to living under the guidance of the soul. Why? The ego always wants immediate results, gratuities, results, actions, safeguards, assurances, actions, and of course safety. Thus, it constantly boycotts the life in the style of the soul, i.e. peace, trust, inaction, being in the here and now, not thinking about the future or the past. It constantly comments, sabotages, creates its, preferably black scenarios and rebels. So, you have to work a lot to just be, although it seems so simple. Work on doing nothing? Unfortunately, yes.

Secondly, because I lost my mother, which, as you guessed, was associated with a whole range of new emotions related to the period of mourning. From the sense of unimaginable emptiness, loss, and loneliness, to the feeling of relief and freedom. This painful experience allowed me to face my soul wound – the wound of humiliation.

I have also learned that there is no point in attaching to your own vision of the world because in an instant your whole world can fall in ruins and everything changes like a kaleidoscope. Nothing is permanent. Only changes are certain.

Challenges of the past year.

I also had to face my personality goal – acceptance. For example, by accepting my father’s new lifestyle. Fortunately, it facilitated my mode of action, i.e. mindfulness.

If I hadn’t enough attractions yet, life gave us a corona virus. The difficult time of isolation and quarantine allowed me to survive my life attitude, i.e. spiritualism. I just knew that we humans need such a moment of reflection, and the Universe gave it to us. And also, my personality type, INTP. Introverts did not feel prisoners of their apartments at that time. On the contrary, they were relieved that they did not have to socialize too much and did not need excuses. So, they enjoyed their own company. So, I could write a blog freely, program my subconscious mind, meditate, release my creativity, read, plant plants, and exercise at home.

I also understood why I still couldn’t keep up with my friends who are run by the moving center on ski trips. I just have no chance with my intellectual-emotional center.

I also got a kick from the universe for my arrogance – my Achilles heel. The Universe usually reacts in such a way as to temper me a bit, so I’m already used to it. It teaches me that way. So, it was this time.

Positives of the past year.

I also discovered another of my psychic senses – clairvoyance. It gives me amazing impressions and is very exciting. Thanks to it, I discovered a whole new dimension of reality that I am happy to explore.

I did the Theta Healing course and discovered that my next calling is to help others by working with energy. So, I practice consciously controlling this sense to make use of it, to heal myself and everyone who needs it. Thanks to it I gave up completely drinking alcohol. Until now, I drank quite occasionally in minimal amounts, but I drank alcohol. Now I do not touch at all, because the pineal gland responsible for clairvoyance is very sensitive to all toxins.

I also made a lot of progress in reprogramming my ego and clearing my subconscious from the garbage accumulated there in every possible way. I did it, among other things, thanks to the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono method, from which I gained a practitioner certificate, but also through daily hourly meditations.

Good physical and mental form I kept thanks to pilates, body art, and natural dance classes. In the most difficult moments, in the fight against stress related to death, my mother was also helped by weekly massages of the whole body.


Phew, it was a really intense and interesting year. I learned a lot and I’m sure I got a promotion to the second grade. Full of excitement, I’m waiting for the next year. I wonder what it will bring me this time.

Of course, you can read everything on my blog. Although not directly, I am writing about my own journey deep inside myself. So read between the lines, dear ones.

If you have any questions or need inspiration in your spiritual development, I’m waiting for your emails. I will gladly share my experience, knowledge, and intuition.

Thank you and the Universe for this year!

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