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Top 11 advantages of spiritual practices.

by Agata Dzierżawa
A graphic 11 advantages depicting a deer.

Learn the 11 advantages of spiritual practices.

What are they supposed to give you these everyday tortures? You will ask. Why do you have to do them? Will it help you to find the sense? Or is it just a waste of time? You know the answer to these questions well. You have it inside you. You don’t need to be convinced about it all but check below 11 advantages of spiritual practice.

In this article, you will learn the 11 most important benefits of spiritual practice.

Regardless of why you started a spiritual practice, if you experience it honestly and sincerely, sooner or later you will begin to experience the benefits of it. 

The spiritual dimension is necessary for health and well-being, although in the modern world it is often neglected or even negated. Hence, there is now such an epidemic of spiritual illness – depression.

We all have a soul and when it is sick our body and mind are also sick.

See below the 11 advantages of spiritual practices:

It helps you to connect with your soul.

Silencing the mind allows you to receive the deep and very subtle messages sent by your soul by opening yourself to your own divine spark. You will then be able to see yourself that you are not just the body and the mind.

It allows you to get a balanced state of mind.

You increase your ability to control your thoughts so that you can better attract to yourself what you want from your life.

In this way, you will be able to create your own reality with the help of positive thoughts. Something Pollyanna used to do, for those who know her.

It allows you to maintain good health.

Although it sounds unbelievably spiritual practices reduce blood pressure, reduce chronic fatigue, strengthen the immune system. They teach respect for the body. They reduce the tendency to unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, overeating.

When you control the mind, you can also control your body more easily.

It prevents depression.

Spirituality makes you stronger mentally and emotionally. It encourages you to see a broader picture, not just to remember negative moments, because “bad” experiences are also part of your journey. 

It increases the feeling of happiness and satisfaction with what you have. It does not cause your problems to disappear overnight but helps you face them. The clarity of thoughts achieve during spiritual practice will help you look at your problem with a completely new perspective, and this can also bring its effective solution.

It brings you deep inner peace.

Through everyday spiritual practice, you become less reactive to the outside world, less emotional, more balanced. You are better at dealing with the challenges and conflicts that arise in everyday life. It is a kind of buffer against everyday stress, relaxes you.

It helps you develop your intuition.

Silencing the mind develops intuition. The deeper you connect with your intuition, the more you can trust yourself that you can see what is right for you and what is not. You increase your awareness of your choices and actions, and you are able to determine what brings you joy and what causes you to suffer. You are sensitized but it is not your weakness, on the contrary, this sensitivity gives you strength and courage. 

It makes it easier to find a purpose in life.

It will sensitize you to the things you love. Which are good and important to you. But it will also sensitize you to things that do not serve you, cause stress and anxiety in this way, forcing you to leave your comfort zone, to take a step forward.

It may result in a return to the passion that you have left in the past, but you have dreamed of, or for which you have never had time.

People who use spiritual practices also achieve success in life more easily. A balanced state of mind makes it easier to come to terms with failure and continue effort instead of giving up. You will achieve real success when your inner self is not disturbed by external consequences.

It allows you to experience unity.

In the modern world, especially Western civilization, we have become individualists, following our own paths. We are no longer associated with the tribe, our community as it once was. There is widespread social cold-heart.

It causes separation from the world and other people. What can lead to isolation, alienation, and marginalization? 

When you do some spiritual practice, you connect with everything and everyone. You feel true unity with everything. In this way, your relationship with other people also improves. You start to be more compassionate, empathic; you can understand the pain of another person. It also brings tolerance and acceptance of another human being.

It deepens your awareness.

Awareness means getting to know and feeling what is happening in you, your thoughts, feelings, and impressions. And that means that you also feel what is happening outside of you, sounds view and feelings of other people.

It helps to overcome the fear of death.

Human’s greatest fear is the fear of death. This is the basic fear of all creatures in this world, which task is to prevent us from doing something dangerous that could kill us. Spirituality gives us a sense of understanding that death appears only in the body, and the real “I” is immortal. It helps us accept the fact that death is an inseparable part of life and gives us the strength to deal with it.

It is your path to enlightenment.

The last of the 11 advantages of spiritual practice is liberation, also known as enlightenment or self-realization. It means a constant understanding of the truth about our nature and reality. You do not return to the human form, but you return to the state, which is infinite calm, peace, infinite joy and love. Lack of time and space only pure, eternal, blissful consciousness.

Spiritual practices require work, but you need the commitment to want something better. However, because there are no rules of spirituality, you can match them to yourself and your life the way you want. You can start with something as simple as for example a few-minutes meditation in the shower or in the car during a traffic jam. It’s important to want to start doing something.

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