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How do you care about your spirituality? Mask or cream?

by Agata Dzierżawa
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Spirituality – how do you care about it?

Since you already know who you are and what spirituality is you probably wonder how to take care of it. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as taking care of your body. There is no mask or cream you could put on your soul, it needs a little bit more effort, but it isn’t complicated either. How do you care, so?

In this article, you’ll learn 8 simple ways to bring spirituality into your everyday life.

Spiritual awakening happens usually during some dramatic life events or hard experiences or it could be a result of your growing process as you know from previous posts. It doesn’t have to be always hard. You don’t have to go to Peru or India looking for magical herbs or some mystery practices. You can wake up daily through your everyday life, at your home.

Start from baby steps.

Find time for yourself.

You will manage it. The simplest way is just to reduce the time you spend daily watching TV or looking at your mobile. Think of what this activity brings into your life, it doesn’t add any value to your life. You only let somebody take control of your mind while you are watching idly some changing pictures.

Every day find a moment for yourself. Go for a walk, sit on the sofa, and look at the ceiling or through the window. Observe your thoughts without judging. Let them come in and out. Slowly clean your mind. Do it in silence and solitude. Without kids or your partner’s presence. Remove all disturbers. Start from a few minutes daily and gradually increase the time.

Declutter your life.

Start by making room for spirituality! Clear your space of the stuff that you no longer need, the stuff that overweighs you, and what is limiting your space. Do it cleverly with concern about the environment. See what you can give to somebody, what you can fix, what you can sell, and what you have to throw away. Let air into your life and space!

Spend more time in nature.

Nature has incredible energy. You spend too much time cooped inside, sitting behind computer screens, watching TV, at public transport, shopping malls, not truly connected to the world. Change it. Spend more time outdoors. Even in the big cities, you can do it, go to a park to breathe fresh air. Let the sun warm your skin. Again, do it alone, without a company or phone. Give yourself a moment of silence, rest, and solitude, a moment of mindfulness and presence here and now. 

Take care of yourself.

Change your eating habits. Eat healthily and cleverly. Use supplements if needed. Drink more water. Nourish your body, don’t eat emotions. Put away sweets, and processed food.  Eat more vegetables and fruits. To have a healthy spirit you need to have a healthy body first. 

Be active!

Start working out. Move yourself! Find some sport for yourself. Something that will please you. Take yoga or Pilates classes, and try running. Don’t give up, the worst is to begin, but when you get into a routine it will be easier and easier. Don’t treat it as a punishment. Find something that pleases you, then you will be looking forward to it. Don’t look at your friends, find something that brings you fun. 

You don’t know what it is? Go and check various classes, and try everything. It could turn out that you love boxing pole dancing, or maybe hip-hop dancing.

Expand your mind.

Explore new ideas, outside your comfort zone. Go to a gig of a band you don’t know only because its name sounds cool. Go to the theatre to see a play you never thought about before. Do it by yourself. Listen to your intuition, not your friend or partner’s taste. Try to go on your own, without a company. It could be strange the first time, but you will see that lots of people do it. Nobody will look at you wondering why you are alone. Trust me.

Read books, attend lectures, and have conversations with people who have a different lifestyle than you.

Let your awakening occur when you will be learning something new when you are awakening your mind and soul. When you do it, you increase the opportunity to wake up to life experiences you never knew were possible. Try.

Learn to let go.

Don’t attach yourself to one idea, belief, thought, thing, or feeling. Let go means let it be.

Don’t nurture negative emotions, even if you think it is not possible. Let them go. Don’t live in the past. Let it go. Don’t live in the future. Focus on now and here.

Find a spiritual practice and technique and stick to it

This point is a little bit more advanced step. To follow it, it is better to familiarize yourself with the above steps before. Some of the practices and techniques you can find in my new post. 

Keep in mind that spirituality is not a one-time thing. It is a life-long journey of growth.

Continue to follow the steps above and one day you will find yourself to new awareness and deeper consciousness over and over again.

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