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Awakening 5 basic truths you must know that rule your life.

by Agata Dzierżawa
A graphic 5 basic truths you must know depicting the sea of ​​thoughts.

In order to better understand what made you find yourself at a stage in your life where you start to question everything and look for the meaning of your existence, you should also get to know 5 basic truths that drive all of your life.

In this article, you will learn 5 truths that govern your life: evolution, multi-talent, awaking, uniqueness, and unity.

Awakening 5 basic truths you must know.

These include, according to Ken Wilber, an American contemporary philosopher, sociologist and psychologist, the following truths:

You evolve.

Surely you will immediately think about Darwin and the physiological process that has been taking place for millennia, which consists of adopting species to the environment in which they live. This, of course, is true, but it is not what we mean here, For example, your thumb throughout your life will not adapt to make it easier for you to use your smartphone, but your psyche will transform.

So here is the evolution that is happening in your individual life, in your community, and your social system.

Carol Dweck – an American psychologist said that each of us has a specific way of thinking. It can be either a fixed way of thinking or a growth-oriented one.

The first one is when you believe that your success is based on your innate ability. The other one thinks that your success is based on work, learning, training, and persistence. It concerns the perception of yourself as evolving.

If you perceive yourself as a changing, developing being, you have the ability to develop in a direction in which you want to develop and end up in the place where you want.

If, on the other hand, you consider yourself a person with a fixed system of thinking, you will not be what you want to be because you do not see yourself as capable of this.

Differences in the way of thinking can be clearly seen in the approach to failure. People with a fixed way of thinking are afraid of it because it has a negative statement about their basic abilities. In contrast, people with growth-oriented thinking have nothing against failure, because they treat it as a motivation to learn, a field for improvement. 

People who have a need for self-actualization usually have a growth mindset.

Psychologist James Mark Baldwin has discovered the internal stages of growth and development that a person goes through acquiring, adapting, and imitating. They show how evolution appears in people. It does not end when a human appears. We would not have gone through 14 billion years of the evolutionary development of the ever wider, more complex, and more unified whole, just to become a human being and stop evolving. You are still continuing to grow and develop. Realizing this will help you grow and develop, otherwise, you will stay in the dark and hope it all turns out right.

You are multitalented.

You live in a society that emphasizes and celebrates cognitive development, but people are much more extensive. There are many dimensions of talents and skills that you can develop and grow in. Each of us has their strength and weakness in them. The full spectrum of your potential. They are called multiple intelligences. We do not have only one intelligence measured with IQ, so-called cognitive intelligence.

Psychologist Howard Gardner believed that we also have linguistic, mathematical and logical, musical, spatial, physical-motor, emotional, and moral intelligence. Each of the intelligence also evolves over time and goes through subsequent stages of development.

You grow in many different ways all the time.

If there is an area in your life where you are doing well, it is because you have developed greater opportunities in this area. And if any area is limping, it’s because you did not involve yourself in it, and not because you are just like that.

For example, if you draw badly, it means that you have not developed in this area. If you do not realize that it is a dimension of intelligence or development that can be developed, you are not doing anything to solve it.

So in order to realize the full spectrum of your abilities, you must first realize the potential. You must realize that there are dimensions of your life that are not touched by you and can be a source of great fulfillment. It can turn out that you can be a genius at something and you do not even know it.

You are waking.

Awaking is associated with different states of consciousness, peak experiences that we have discovered through all psycho-technologies. Researchers at the University of Madison took Budish monks to a laboratory to study their brains. What they discovered, confirmed that mystical experiences exist. Maslow described them as peak experiences.

Almost 60 % of the population experience them throughout their lives. Most often spontaneously. 

You could have experienced them yourself, for example, when you watched the beautiful sunset and felt so full of beauty and bliss. Or maybe when art touched you, or maybe you had ecstatic spiritual experiences. These are just different states of consciousness, which can be influenced by means of different practices, through various activities. That action could be listening to the sound of waves, sailing, a beautiful concert, etc.

However, to have these experiences more often, less accidentally, you have to take the practices, experiences, and steps that will allow you to cultivate the ability to hold these states of consciousness. 

Each of us has the opportunity to achieve these states. They are a life-changing experience. They allow you to experience unity with everything that exists, unity with the entire universe.

You are unique.

You develop your whole life in different directions because you have multiple potentials. Also, you have access to different states of consciousness. But even if you are in some dimension the same as someone else, there is always an element that makes you unique.

These elements may, for example, be different types of personality. There are many different areas and aspects that make you unique. To understand your uniqueness, it is important to know all the typologies that you are. You will then start accepting yourself for what you are, instead of trying to be what will make you fit in the best. It will help you get better interpersonal relationships because you will start to see people more authentically, and you will start to see their types and stop trying to make them look like you.

You are whole.

The way most of us operate in the world contains an incomplete map of our potential and what can be achieved. This leads to the fact that you have a very fragmentary experience of your life. Everything seems to be disconnected in a certain way, there is nothing emphasizing the unity of all. And yet we are individuals, but we are also individuals within the family, as well as culture, in a cultural context. We have bodies that shape, who we are, but also social and economic systems, etc. It’s all part of one big whole. You are part of the whole.

Like an atom that is an independent entity in itself, but is also part of the cell, and the cell is a part of the heart, and the heart is a part of, the circulatory system, and all this creates the whole of what is a human being. Similarly, you are part of a larger whole.

It is time, then to start exploring unknown areas.

Ken Wilber is also the creator of the “Integral Life” program available on the Mindvalley platform, which you can get here:



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