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Author: Agata Dzierżawa

Design: Krakow graphic studio Parastudio


Printed on high-quality uncoated paper by the local Krakow printing house Kolory, which uses classic methods on old printing presses.

Technical parameters and dimensions:

Format: A5

Number of pages 191

A stiff textile cover in a dirty pink color with the flower of life embossed by the dry press method.

Excellent quality paper with a weight of 170 g.

Sewn-glued binding.

Language: Polish



The Spiritual Journey Journal is designed to focus on your relationship with the universe. It helps in the evolution of self-awareness. This is not a diary. Thanks to it, you will get to know yourself better and you can deepen your relationship with yourself. You will answer the questions “What now?”, “What am I experiencing?”, “Why?”, “What do I feel?”, “What do I think?” Conducting it can completely change your state of mind, manifest new goals, and create a deeper sense of emotional well-being.

The Spiritual Journey Journal created by me is made of very high quality with attention to every detail. Just to share with your unconditional love. It is important to consider what kind of utensils you will use to write in it. Will it be a pen, pencil, or maybe a gel pen? It’s good that you always use something constant to write so that your thoughts do not get distracted. Even if you don’t have ideas or the time and space to write down your thoughts at first, remember that your brain is plastic. You can train it to know when to take a break for a little self-reflection. If it doesn’t work well at first, don’t worry. Over time, the words will flow from space to you. This is a great way to track how you develop spiritually.

Find out what the journal consists of:

  • A page with a place for your data.
  • An introduction where you will find information on how to keep a journal.
  • A sample page with detailed instructions on what you can type in each field.
  • A colorful ribbon to mark the place of the last entry.

The journal is not a calendar, you will not find any division into dates or days of the week. You can enter the date yourself, each time you make a note in it.

Format and delivery:

The journal is sent in a cardboard package.

The order fulfillment time is up to 7 business days.

Additional information

A Journey to Yourself

A Journey to Yourself


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