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Author: Agata Dzierżawa

Design: Krakow graphic studio Parastudio


Printed on high-quality uncoated paper by the local Krakow printing house Kolory, which uses classic methods on old printing presses.

Technical parameters and dimensions:

Format: A5

Number of pages 191

A stiff textile cover in an aquamarine color with the flower of life embossed by the dry press method.

Excellent quality paper with a weight of 170 g.

Sewn-glued binding.

Language: Polish



Do you know that you dream every night for about 2 hours, doesn’t matter if you remember it or not? When you multiply this time by your lifespan, you find that 1/3 of your life is spent dreaming. Dream Journal is the practice of recording fragments of dreams each morning while they are still relatively fresh in your mind. It will help you take a closer look at this part of your existence, rich in images and insights.

By writing down dreams, you will learn to write them down and analyze them. This will help you avoid forgetting a dream or distorting a version of it due to how human memory works. Research has shown that people tend to remember highly emotionally charged dreams. So writing them down can be a way to confront these feelings. Keeping a dream diary also helps stimulate creativity. And it can also help you control your dreams with lucid dreaming.


Find out what the journal consists of:

  • A page with a place for your data.
  • An introduction where you will find information on how to keep a journal.
  • A sample page with detailed instructions on what you can type in each field.
  • Color ribbon to mark the place of the last entry.

The journal is not a calendar, you will not find any division into dates or days of the week. You can enter the date yourself, each time you make a note in it.

Format and delivery:

The journal is sent in a cardboard package.

The order fulfillment time is up to 7 business days.


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