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Author: Agata Dzierżawa

Technique: Hand-made gadget for glasses with natural stones. Single unique pieces.

Technical parameters and dimensions:

Material: tiger’s eye, citrine, agate

Weight: 39 g

Length: 73 cm



Handmade chain for glasses “Possibility” made of natural stones with a platinum-colored stainless steel finish and transparent silicone stoppers.

For centuries, stones have satisfied not only the aesthetic impressions of people but also supported their emotional, energy, and health needs. Their power, magic, and energy have always strengthened all those who needed it and always when they needed it. That is why they were used as talismans and always carried with them.

My chains for glasses will allow you to have a talisman with you, which is also a fashionable, exclusive, and luxurious accessory.

However, these are not ordinary accessories …

Each of them has a specific message and power that you need right now. Listen to your intuition and from among the unique projects, choose exactly the one that will support you just as you need it most on your way of life.

Perhaps you will be attracted by the power of the glow of tiger’s eye?

For whom?

The tiger’s eye is a symbol of happiness and joy. It activates internal energy, removes emotional blockages, and ensures inner peace, brings wealth and success.

Citrine a stone of stability, abundance, and success. For all those who want to combine their creative energy with their passion.

Agate – a stone of physical, emotional, and intellectual balance, as well as fidelity and love. It harmonizes male and female energy.

Format and delivery:

The order fulfillment time is up to 14 business days.


The stones may vary in shape, they may contain natural cracks, dents, and nicks that give the chains a unique character.

All stones are charged by me with the energy of unconditional love.

Additional information

A Journey to Yourself

A Journey to Yourself


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